Keely's IVF diary!

Discussion in 'CD Weight Loss Diaries' started by Keelykins, 30 July 2014 Social URL.

  1. Keelykins

    Keelykins Well-Known Member

    If I write it down hopefully that will spur me on!
    I have tried so many different diets, the last being lipotrim but now back on cambridge diet step 2. Joined yesterday so first full day today.
    i need to lose 3 stone to be eligible for IVF. Things keep getting in the way (probably subconsciously I keep sabotaging it because I'm scared?!), but now I HAVE to do it, last chance!!!!
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  3. Willpowerwoman!

    Willpowerwoman! Well-Known Member

    Hey keenly I have just started CWP step 2 as well, how are you finding it so far? :)

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  4. Keelykins

    Keelykins Well-Known Member

    Not too bad, it's quite nice to eat in the evening, but I'm not very imaginative creating nice meals nor do I like fish at all!
    not keen on the shakes, I do like the cartons, so it's going ok! How you getting on?
  5. Willpowerwoman!

    Willpowerwoman! Well-Known Member

    One hour at a time I'm getting there :)

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  6. Keelykins

    Keelykins Well-Known Member

    Is this your first week?
    it does feel like that at times, one hour, one day at a time! It's nice getting to the end of the day and realise you've done it!
  7. F0X

    F0X Active Member

    Isn't it funny how people like different things. I can't stand either the banana or strawberry tetra, they are horrible! I don't mind the powders so much, though I had a vanilla the other day and that was vile.

    Just thought I'd say, hello, I started CD this week too.

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  8. Willpowerwoman!

    Willpowerwoman! Well-Known Member

    Hi yep first week (not first attempt) but first week! I know it's so tricky at first before it becomes a habit / the norm! Evenings are the hardest! But yes waking up in the morning having had a successful day the day before puts you in a fabo mood for the day :) how u getting on?

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  9. Keelykins

    Keelykins Well-Known Member

    Good job there is variety then isnt it! Not at all keen on the shakes and i often get lumps and tastes grainy to me, but i could (almost!) live on the tetras! Usually not keen on banana flavoured things but i think that one is my fav!!

    not my first time,but also first week. Weigh in tomorrow, think ive lost 8lb. Hoping for another 1 or 2lb today lol.
  10. F0X

    F0X Active Member

    I do the shakes using a hand blender, it's a bit more faff but the shakes turn out much smoother and less grainy. I didn't think I would be able to stand any of the shakes until I started blending them.

    My favorites are toffee and walnut which I think tastes just like cake mix and chocolate and mint.

    Did you lose a lot of weight last time you were on CD?

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  11. Sophiesophs

    Sophiesophs Well-Known Member

    Good luck for weigh in tomorrow! X
  12. Keelykins

    Keelykins Well-Known Member

    I use a hand blender but still have a funny taste to me! I think I lost around 1 and 1/2 stone before, but didn't stick to it!
    thanks :D
  13. Keelykins

    Keelykins Well-Known Member

    I love the first weeks weigh in, 10lb loss! :D

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