keep falling off ss HELP!!


Morning All!

i have having real problems getting back on ss, was following for 5 weeks then went on holiday 1 month ago and since then everyweek i get back on ss and everyweek by day 3 or 4 i fail and fall off!

has anyone got any ideas as its really getting me down now, the first 5 weeks were so easy and i was loving it, but now i am getting so upset because i keep falling off, my poor hubby is really getting it it the neck as i am so snappy at him .... please any help

ninaxxxx:( :( :(
Hiya I would strongly recommend you do 790 instead as this takes away some of the stress of SS while still allowing great weight loss and the duvet of ketosis.

Talk this over with your CDC as an option but sounds like it might solve your problem.

Is there somewhere on the forum that explains terms. Whats SS and whats 790.

By the way Mike you are a total inspiration was looking at your site!!!


SS (Sole Source) means that you are only on either 3 or 4 packs a day (a pack being a soup, a shake or a bar).

790 means that you have 3 packs a day but also a small protein based meal such as an average chicken breast and a little portion of brocolli.

The other Cambridge programmes (1000.1200 and 1500) are all the calorie value of the days intake and basically means less packs and more healthy food.

Hi there,
well I'm not as experienced or qualified as others on this site, but reading your post, it rang a bell with me. For various reasons I came out of ketosis last week and put on 3lbs - I've only been doing the diet 3 weeks so it made me feel like I should just let go of it because at those moments it feels so hard...

but, here I am again, because deep down I know this diet works, and I know that sticking to this will help me work through my food demons and it will be the last time I ever diet - I'm saying this out loud and on here because I really really mean it. I'm going to do this once more, and then with exercise and working up through the stages, I'm going to be at a comfortable weight and live the life I want to lead, wear the clothes I want to wear, be the slim mum to be I hope to be, and feel the confidence that has alluded me these past 10 years.

So what I'm saying to myself is, this time it's working - NOT it will work, but IT IS WORKING. You see if you get that message into your subconscious brain, it switches off the chatterbox and says, oh right, it's working, I'll help then. That's what top athletes do - they don't comtemplate failure, and if they do come second, they say, well next time I'll come first. If you say these things to yourself - I can do this because I am doing this, you feel so much more powerful than letting the negatives override.

I hope that helps xxx
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