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Keep going to meetings or stop? Advice would be really welcome.


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Hi folks,

Well, I joined SW 5 weeks ago and have lost 13 and a half pounds so far! Really impressed with the diet. Got loads more energy and feeling great. Still want to lose some more but I'm trying to decide what to do next.

I signed up to the 12 week deal and have another 7 weeks to go. Thing is I can't decide whether to continue with the meetings after that. I go and get weighed but hardly ever stay for the meeting - just can't face it after a day at work and just want to get home and chill out.

I'm pretty sure that the reason this diet is working so well is that I've changed my attitude towards food and don't comfort eat anymore. Plus I know my eating triggers now and can avoid them more easily.

So do I give up meetings when the 12 weeks are up or carry on? Is there anyone on here still following the diet but not subscribing? How have you got on? Does motivation wane because there is no WI?

I'm thinking I can get weighed every week on the scales in my supermarket when I go shopping and have the same motivation and results...

If I started now I could get all the info I need plus recipes from the online section and then save the meeting fee and buy fruit with it or something???

Sorry for rambling on. Anyone got any thoughts please? All advice gratefully received.

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hi padz

glad that you're enjoying the diet and well done on your loss so far. I think it depends on your own personal will power. I have done the diet twice now and tried to do it alone but just kept convincing myself that Id be good tomorrow. I ended up putting two stone back on!

I find that going to group really helps me when my confidence is a little low and my fellow group members can always give me inspiration if I get stuck.

If you feel that you have enough support online and with minimins then by all mean try it alone. Or another option maybe look for a group with a better time that you would find it easier to stop at.

Good luck with whatever you decide



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A great reply! And in the meantime stay to class!! Otherwise you are missing out on so much support, advice and ideas. It's also true that people who stay to class generally lose more than those who weigh and run. It's one hour a week and as they say in the adverts ... because you are worth it!
I'm glad you've posted this. I am on a 12 week countdown too. I started SW 4 weeks ago but I have done the diet before when I lived in a different county.
I am REALLY disappointed with this group. They are less than welcoming, the consultant just about managed to speak to me this week when she checked my card for payment but not once has she asked how I am getting on or encouraged me to stay to class. I feel like such an outsider. The second week I was there I joined the weigh in queue only to be pushed out by the regulars forming another queue next to me.
I am considering not attending after my 12 weeks is up. :(
Hi there,
I too joined 4 weeks ago on the 12 week offer. Have lost only 4lbs in the month which seems really slow to me. However, I love my group!!!! I always stay for the meeting and everyone is so supportive, completely different from WW. Am going to stick with it as although I'm losing slowly, it is working:)
Weighing in only takes a couple of minutes a week. It is what you do the rest of the week that matters. If you are very driven and motivated you will lose successfully whether you weigh at group, at home or stood nekkid on the scales in the middle of Boots.

Padz - why don't you complete your 12 week countdown then schedule a couple of weeks "holiday" from group and see how you get on? If you start slipping down the slippery slope at home, you can then return to group and they will be none the wiser. Good luck!


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Hi folks,
Many thanks to all who replied.

Lizzy - thanks for the good wishes and good sense.

Circes - I wish I felt like staying to the meeting but to be honest I can't really face it. I teach so my job takes a lot out of me and most meetings are either so early I might not make it! The one I go to happens between 8 and 9 - when I'm at home I'm normally half asleep by then!!! I quite like heading to Tesco after I get weighed buying stuff like fruit and then heading home.

I really like silly sausage's idea of having a 'holiday' and seeing how the weight loss goes!

I LOVE the diet though and would definitely continue with it with or without the group. Never been able to give up crisps before LOL! I know I could have them if I wanted them but I'd rather spend my syns on something more nutritious!

Thanks again for all of the replies - I really appreciate the time you took to post them.

Keep up the good work Janice and Wipeout!


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