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  1. Thin Lizzie

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    Hello, I'm new on here. Thin Lizzie is my aim, not my starting point - I'm more Sweaty Betty at the moment :(

    Anyway, I started SS on Thursday and now it's Sunday evening, so 4 days without food. I have to say, I do feel like my life has rather ended. My main passtime for the last n years has been eating and drinking; a typical day would be: breakfast - toast and marmalade and tea, an apple mid morning, lunch a yummmy sani of some description (bacon and egg a favourite) followed by a slice of flapjack, another apple mid afternoon - and then the eating REALLY started: as soon s the clock struck six it's out with cork and the first large glass of wine with some olives, then for dinner a nice, fat sirloin steak with a whole baked potato and veg, then icecream (low fat, of course) for pud. I would generally go through between 1/2 to 1 bottle wine each night, with maybe one day off alcohol a week. And this is when we didn't go out - dinner out was considerably more calorific. So you can probably see how the pounds crept (or rather charged) on. Anyway, unwisely maybe I went straight from the wonder diet above to SS overnight, and I am struggling a bit. Mainly I am:
    • HUNGRY
    • Missing all the above food and wine
    • HUNGRY
    • Not sure whether being thin is actually better than being able to eat what I want
    • HUNGRY
    • Irratible and despondent
    • HUNGRY
    • Tired all the time (have been going to bed before 9am and sleeping in the day)
    People keep mentioning "ketosis" and how I'll feel better when I get there - when will I get there? How will I know? WILL I ever feel better? Is it worth it?

    I've got 5.5 stone to lose - :sign0009:can anyone give me some moral support to keep me going on CD rather than straight to the chippy for a delicious, juicy cod, chips and mushy peas:eat:....
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  3. MadamDotty

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    Hi Thin Lizzie - yes it is sooo worth it I promise you that and it does get easier.

    Ketosis is when your body is burning your fat for it's fuel and when that happens your appetite is surpressed, so you no longer feel hungry, plus most people have a really good sense of wellbeing and loads of energy. It usually takes between 3-5 days to get into ketosis and then the diet starts to get easier from there on in. So hopefully tomorrow or the next day you'll start to feel a whole load better.

    It is hard to give up food and a lot of people go through a "mourning" stage, but it's surprising how quickly to adapt to the regime of having shakes/soups etc and it will soon become the norm.

    When you get on the scales at the end of your first week you'll be posting your wonderful success and that'll give such a boost to carry on with it.

    Don't give up now, ketosis is just around the corner and the pounds will be disappearing before your very eyes :)
  4. Thin Lizzie

    Thin Lizzie Member

    Thanks MD - I'll keep going. Posting on here is a welcome distraction!
  5. Ceri

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    Hello there. I never test for ketosis ( am on week 6 back on the ss after my week 5 AAM).
    I really love this diet. The results are quick and the whole worrying about what to eat when dieting thing is taken away from me.
    It does get easier and it becomes a habit just like eating. I look forward to my shakes and I enjoy the feeling of being in control.
    I'm looking forward to being at goal and being able to eat food without feeling guilty that I am overweight and that I've added to the amount I have to lose, to eat out without feeling I have to eat the healthiest thing on the menu so that people dont think I am a greedy pig. I am looking forward to wearing what I like without thinking that everyone is looking at me thinking how ridiculous I look.
    All these things that I am looking forward to are the things that keep me going on this diet. They will last much longer than that curry or biscuit ever will!
    Best of luck on this diet. Keep at it and you'll be at goal within no time!
  6. sonkie

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    I also dont test for ketosis but you will know. You get a horrible taste in your mouth and feel cold too. This is good though as you know you are in fat burning mode.

    It certainly does get better so do stick with it.
  7. Isis

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    Lizzie, hi :D

    Just hang in there please. The first weeks loss will be so worth it and will inspire you to keep going. All these feelings you're having and thoughts are totally normal and your chatterbox just trying to sabotage all your efforts so far.

    We are all here for you,

    Lacey x :)
  8. Sambucca

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    Hi Lizzie

    Once you get into Ketosis the hunger will disappear, I promise.

    Stick with the diet 100% and once ketosis kicks in you will start to feel fab. The weight loss is extremely quick and that in itself should be enough motivation to keep you going.

    Good Luck.
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