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Keep swapping

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by mag104, 26 July 2014 Social URL.

  1. mag104

    mag104 Full Member

    Between S W and CC but always come back to SW. Must be ingrained in my head now :)
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  3. justjudith

    justjudith *waves hello*

    I so know the feeling......

    I'm coming back to SW and even now I seem to have a healthier relationship with food.......less obsessed with food (and what I can't have)

    This time I am sticking with SW - I've paid for online membership :D
  4. LoveMyCat

    LoveMyCat Full Member

    I find sw much easier because I can never be arsed to cc properly! Hah I am way more likely to cheat but on sw I feel like I don't really have too - hurrah! xxx
  5. mag104

    mag104 Full Member

    I feel the same to :)
  6. Sweethearts

    Sweethearts Gold Member

    I have always came back to SW too, looking back I have no idea how I managed on any other diet x
  7. solange

    solange Full Member

    I have been looking at Paleo but I really don't want to ban too much. SW seems a really best option for REAL living. I must confess I spent so much of my adult life calorie counting that I do it automatically anyway! How boring am I LOL.....
  8. Jovigirl2

    Jovigirl2 Full Member

    I haven't really tried other plans but slimming world just seems a simple formula for eating basically how everyone should be, so it makes sense. I can't be done with buying special 'diet' foods etc, it works well with the family too, always seem to be able to make compromises, and eating out you can find things too.

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