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keepin on going...

I'm feelin like I want to introduce some exercise now. For some reason I feel all weepy now even after my great result today. I've managed to stay really upbeat considering it was week one but I'm just now doubting my ability to truly do this. Maybe some walking or similar will release the endorphines it promises and make it feel possible again.

I don't know. Maybe I should just shut up and go back to taking it a day at a time.
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Yeah mild exercise is a good idea. So is some weight focused mini goals to give the process some short term targets IMHO


is loving the soup?!
Aww hon...I can't think about it as a long-term thing (even though I know it is really a tiny amount of my life to devote to this) - I take it one day at a time, I'm telling myself I can decide to stop if I want to...but it has to be a DECISION made in advance, not a sudden REACTION to hunger or one of the negative voices in my head. So if at any point I decide to stop, I have to make the decision in advance and give myself a date I will stop, even if it's tomorrow. That attitude has got me through so far (2 days PMSL) xx
Good advice laydeez -goin to get some mini goals onto my signature -and do that thing too RachelH. Thats a good idea, if I dont give in to hunger then what will I give up for?

Thanks - think I'll take a walk soon. :D
Week by week for me! Never really go further than the next weigh in! Too hard to think of 12 or 16 weeks! One week is fine!
Just get through tonight and see how tomorrow is- at first I found every day quite different. Some agonising, boring, upsetting, occasionally happy, really weirdly emotional. Now just on the Lipotrain....
yeah I think you're right - you'd think I'd be used to moodswings by now lol