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Keeping motivated when everyone else is 'cheating and getting away with it'?


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Strange title but I'll explain.

I had a blow out on Saturday. BBQ followed by a lot of alcohol. 50+ syns in a day type thing :eek: I have been a saint the last 3 days to limit the damage (and was good before saturday) and hoped I would have STS but ended up putting 0.5lb on.

To be fair, I would have been fine with that HOWEVER after staying to group it became clear that almost everyone else had a similar blow out during the week and yet had lost at least a pound or more :confused: Lots of people had bbq's, meals out, drink blow outs, 6 krispy cream donuts! and kept saying "I'm not sure how I lost as I was really naughty". I came home feeling really subdued and then to make it worse, my DH (who was FAR worse than I was saturday) jumped on the scales this morning to find he'd lost 2lbs :sigh:

I'm sitting here now wondering what the point it. I feel like I can't have any sort of life or blow out as it always affects my weight loss despite lots of other people being able to 'get away with it'. I know that I am already at what people consider a healthy weight and BMI but for me personally it's still too big and I need to loose another stone. Feel really down this morning :(
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Hi Lily

This could have been me writing this. I find I get so frustrated with people who don't take it as seriously as I do. I'm also one of these people that has one day off and gains loads!

One thing i'm trying to do this time is to concentrate on my journey and try not to worry as long as I do the right thing by me.
My sister comes to class with me and this week lost 1lb but she ate half of the McVities chocolate digestive section!!!! I lost 1/2lb more and didn't go over my syns once. :sigh:

Keep at it Lily, you will get there :)
Best of Luck


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Oh lily,

I really feel for you. My husband has in the past done the same, now I tell him if he's following the plan and weighing, not to tell me he's even weighed! Just remember mens metabalism is different to us girls, and they lose weight in a different way.

I've only been back in my group a couple of weeks, but I did notice before that sometimes people would 'cheat' and still lose one week, but the following week they would stick to the plan and put on - it seems to have a delayed reaction in some people but not others. So maybe when you go next week you will have lost and they may sts or even put on.. [STRIKE]then you can be smug[/STRIKE] ;)

Just don't give up! the rewards WILL come.

I witness this at class aswell but i've realised that everyones journey is so different. Some people fast track some people much about for a bit. If found the best thing i can do is concentrate on my own journey and try not to stray myself.

Try not to feel down, stay positive and keep going!! x


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Yes, I've been here too, and its so very frustrating!

I think its very important not to compare your losses to anyone elses if you can - every one is different, every body is different, and there will always be people who come to SW and it falls off no matter what they do wrong, and those who are 100% and consistent, and then the rest of us who take a more scenic route...

You will get to know your own major triggers and "can't haves"... I have discovered that if I have any of the following: Pizza, White Bread, Doritos, Dips - I can't lose that week, no matter if I am super super good for the rest! My body just clings onto those things! Yet I have had a Nandos one week and been 100% the rest, and lost 1.5lbs... aren't we weird and wonderful creatures!

Be proud of every pound, or half pound that you lose, and keep going. You know one day the class will be looking to you for how to get to target!!!

Good luck this week xxxxxxxxx
You are you. They are them. That may not be grammatical, sorry!

You can't compare yourself to anyone else. Every single last one of us is different.
I know what you mean though fair play a lot of our group take it seriously. I expect a maintain or a gain this week. As jd was my friend on saturday night and stoped counting at 45 syns eh hem( was a good night though lol). I exercise a lot daily and food wise i have been keeping on plan so if i manage to loose anything i will be thankful.
I just concentrate on my own weight loss as said before everyone is different. I will be well pleased if I can loose 1lb weekly.:) Unfortunately as far as Im concerned my weight loss is very very slow but as long as I loose something Im happy. I stick to the EE plan faithfully and use roughly 10 syns daily. The same thing happens in group most weeks and if you allow it you will just get more and more depressed, whats the point the 1/2 lb will come back off and maybe another few pounds with it. Good luck and keep the chin up. :D


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im exactly the same . . . im not goin the meetings but a few girls at work are doin ww n seem to lose every week and they go out for meals and drink EVERY weekend !! . . . im stuck either at the same or put 1/2 -1lb on then it comes off the week after even if i stick to plan i keep thinkin im doin somthin wrong . . ive only got 5lb to go to my next goal of 9st 7lb (then i want to be 9st 7lb ANY TIME OF DAY )but it may as well be 5st not 5lb . . this weekend im goin to my dads and will be plied with unmentional amounts of alcohol (it would be rude to say no!). . so im just hopin that its not tooooo much of a gain next week . . fingers crossed


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Tbh i stopped going to group because it messed with my head in similar ways. Im not saying this is a fault with group, rather it was how i reacted in this environment. I find im better on my own not worrying about anyone else.

I think you have to be realistic. You can have a blow out but you just have to accept what it does for your weight loss. It is hard but just focus on yourself.
I know how you feel. Could it be because you don't have as much to lose as the other people? I find myself getting angry seeing some people eat fastfood and still lose while I have one evening of bacardi and diet coke and STS... grrr.

But your body will surprise you and even it out... I guarantee!
The last time I had a big loss I'd been at my sisters, my niece and I were on the white wine and we'd gotten through 5 bottles between two of us... now I'm not a drinker, usually only drink Christmas, so I believe she'd had more than I (she's a heavy drinker, and I was not as drunk as them lol) but even so I lost 4lb!!!!

Another time I was really busy with work and spent the week skipping breakfast and lunch and eating jelly babies and lost 5 1/2lb!!!!

I'm convinced that sometimes it's good to shock your system! (This is not advice!!!!!)

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