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  1. LifeCoach

    LifeCoach New Member


    A quick question, have you ever tried to track personal stats to get motivated? Tracking things like chocolate bars (or something similar) eaten in a week or so? And if you have, what works best for you to track your data? What tool do you use? Your help would be greatly appreciated :)
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  3. Escapade

    Escapade Full Member

    I track everything... every thing I eat, every bit of exercise I do, how many calories I burn, what the change on calories is when I lose weight. I use myfitnesspal to track calories and exercise, but use a diary to put more info in and I have an excel spreadsheet (yes I am a total geek) that I use to track my weight loss and inch loses.

    I find being able to see all that info really keeps me motivated, I am trying not to set goals as if I don't hit them I get a bit pee'ed off and that can make me cheat but its good to look at the info I have tracked and see the weight coming off, knowing that a 1lb loss might be annoying when Ive been extra good, but then I will have a really big loss out of the blue to make up for all the smaller ones, that helps me stay motivated when I have a week or two at 1lb loses.
  4. SlimMeDown

    SlimMeDown Full Member

    I track every single thing I eat! When I didn't count my calories, I'd be constantly eating anything I wanted because I didn't have to see on an app how much I'd wasted on chocolate/crisps/sweets. Now I'm tracking, I can limit myself and only eat healthy most days. If I do fancy some chocolate, I will restrict the pieces I have as I find anything more as a waste of calories.
  5. SlimMeDown

    SlimMeDown Full Member

    Also, I use MyNetDiary Pro. It gives me a detailed analysis of my day and my week :)
  6. demidz

    demidz New Member

    i do not track calories, but actions. km ran, spoons of sugar, shots. used to just tick in a notepad, now use ikeepstats app for 19 activities :))
  7. LifeCoach

    LifeCoach New Member

    Thanks guys. Recently downloaded iKeepStats app to my iPhone, works for me. A waaaaaay easier to deal with personal stats :)
  8. NinetyTen

    NinetyTen New Member

    I'm a bit stat obsessed, I need to see things improving. So I have a spreadsheet that tracks all my measurements (weight, waist, hips, neck etc. etc.) and well as times for 2.5km and 5km runs and 25km cycles. It then calculates BMI, body fat estimates etc. and forecasts my weight loss from here until my final goal as well as checkpoints along the way.

    It really helps to look at it and say "based on the average loss over the last 20 days in three-four weeks I will be 'overweight' according to BMI".

    I have tried various apps but never found one to do exactly what I wanted, so I created a Spreadsheet to do it for me.
  9. Ashley100

    Ashley100 Member

    To keep track of things you need a planner, which states all your current details on it, so you can measure things week by week.

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