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keeps slipping up HELP

I can't seem to stick to plan it's driving me mad and I need someone to give me a good talkin to !! I think the reason is I'm now a size 14 sometimes smaller depending on the shop !! And everyone is telling me how great I look and how I don't need to loose anymore I'll look to thin I'll start lookin old (I'm 32) ect ect r when at 12 stone 4 I still have at least 1stone 7lbs to go !! I really really want to shift the last of this as I am going on holiday soon and want to wear a bikini for the 1st time EVA and I want to give up smoking ! I'm starting to feel pretty low and all my get up and go has gone ! I need to get kick started back to the diet !! Anyone have any words of encouragement seen as tho my friends rnt helping me lol x
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I've seen this before shelly, you get to a point where it's noticable that you've lost weight and people comment on it, then you lose all motivation, I don't have any advice really, it's a phase where I just gritted my teeth and stuck to it. I made the mistake of having a mini holiday off Atkins, and boy did I pay for it, in 3 days I gaine 8lbs, that was enough to make me see sense
Wow I've had 1 day and a half Off but I keep doing it each week having an evening off even tho I know I shouldn't I haven't gained yet as I get back on next day but I havny lost for weeks now and it's only a matter of tine b4 the lbs go back on then:( I don't wanna just give up like I have with other diets I really wanna stick this out that's y I'm posting on here usually when I start to loose my mojo I give up without a fight I don't wanna do that this time!! Friends really are more of a hinderence than a help sometime aren't they !!
I haven't gained yet as I get back on next day but I havny lost for weeks now and it's only a matter of tine b4 the lbs go back on then
I know love, and it's those "evenings" that are probably stalling you
yup me too after my mini break have gained 5 lbs not worth it
bak to feeling crap again
its all or nothing on this diet i think
listen to Jim xx
so have i................... are nt we good ! x
Ha ha yeah been good up to now this week and I went to zumba last night :) let's hope the weekend is a good one ! With all these Easter eggs about it's gonna be tough going lol x
yes but easter eggs are crawling with maggots !!................. join our clean and green till monday xx
no processed food , no atkins bars or shakes, just fresh salad and veg with protein .................x
This year I am basically ignoring Easter treats. No eggs, no cakes, nothing that is likely to set me back a long way.

I will enjoy the holiday and the lovely weather without the chocolate. Hope we all make it through without cracking lol x


Clean green leafy machine
I fall off the wagon regularly - but it's bound to happen and it's better to let it happen and then get your head back where it needs to be and back on induction. Good luck :)

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