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morning all (well just)lol
ive read a lot about the keetosticks but can anyone tell me if we have to use them and how much are they.how do you use them and how often?this is my 5th day so when do i know im into kee whatever.hope you are having a good day whatever you may be doing.
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Hey Spot,

Did you watch the DVD?

Ketosis happens around day 3-7 depending on the person, their weight and previous diet. Its when you start feeling less hungry and your body starts using its stored fat for fuel rather than daily intake. You dont need to use ketostix to determine this as there will clinical features..... you will feel (hopefully) less hungry, your breath will taste slightly metallic, your tongue might feel furry, and some people report an energy burst. These might be just a few symptoms.


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Personnally I think the ketostix are usually wrong and unreliable and would not waste my money on them!

You will know when you start to not physically feel hungry any more.. A bad taste in your mouth and probably bad bread


Bring on the trumpets
I have mouldy bread.....does it count as bad bread..... :D
thanks all
no ive not watched the dvd,bad breath and funny taste in mouth has not happened yet.to be honest i have never missed any food whatsoever,and the only mental side is im feeling quite happy,no energy burst cant wait for that lol.


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Your chemist should not have let you have the shakes if you haven't watched the DVD, did they ask you to? Did you fill and sign a health check form?


Size 14 here i come!
no dvd was menstioned,i filled in the forms on the friday but they would not let me have any shakes until they had spoken to my gp on the monday.


Size 14 here i come!
Hmm ok i didn't go through my GP so maybe you don't get the dvd if you do. I think it's bad that they didn't offer you it as it's very informative about what you are going to go through with LT. Maybe ask them when you go for your wi.
I would agree with Stinky! The dvd has loads of info that supports you and explains some of the 'side effects' of LT... its well worth a view! Last time I saw it I copied it so I could reference it back!
thanks guys i will defo ask to buy it when i go for my weighin on monday.


Size 14 here i come!
No you can't buy it, they will lend it out to you.