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Kelly's 1st pregnancy diary


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Hi all,
i hope you don't mind me making a thread to share with you guys. you may have read my other thread on trying to conceive, if not it's been a long and emotional journey.
I have found out I am pregnant and am so thrilled and excited. I am still in shock 10 days after finding out! I just cannot wait to get it confirmed at doctors and find out how far gone I am. I cannot get a doctors appointment until 11th April and even then I won't find out until I have a scan. The BFP I got was a clearblue test and it said 2-3 weeks but (TMI coming up) My last period was 23rd Jan and I remember spotting on 27th feb so by that I reckon I should be 10 weeks tomorrow. Does that sound right to you?

I am having a few symptoms, feeling nauseous, really sore breasts, a few headaches, occasional backache and being tired all the time. I feel really sick if I haven't eaten for a while too as I am not a breakfast person I have got to start, I had an apple and banana and an Alpen bar this morning. I also bought those belvita breakfast biscuits as I really like them but I have been snacking on them today. Not sure if this is a symptom but keep getting uncomfortable if sitting for a while. Oh and I keep wanting to eat. As I have been dieting it's like I can excuse it for eating for two! But I don't want to deprive my baby so I can lose again after.

So many things going on in my head right now but it's the best feeling in the world, even with the uncomfortable annoying parts. I wouldn't swap it for anything. I am also grateful I am not being sick because I keep reading that is the worst part.

Hope you didn't mind the long post but I think it will help me document as I will love reading back on this.
Take care
Kelly x
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I will be a yummy mummy!
Hi, found your diary! Does sound like we've had really similar symptoms... Just make sure you take it easy if you're feeling tired, I honestly found the only thing which would ease it was sleep sleep sleep.

You'll just have to go off your guesses around how far you are, until your docs appointment on the 11th, they'll be able to advise whether to count your spotting as your last period.

Just make sure you take care of yourself - have a read about what you can and can't eat and drink, and start taking folic acid if you're not already.

Good luck hun!x
when my clearblue said i was 1-2weeks, i was 4wks+1 day.. so you could well be 10 wks! .. they'l be able to tell you when you scan!!

ooh the excitment! i can't believe you cant get an app. till 11th! they should scan you asap if you say your not sure how far along you are.
Good luck, keep us updated xx
Good luck, my dates were all messed up and was desperate to know everything, I had to see it to believe it so therefore went for a private scan. Good luck with everything and sleep like Sarah is so important :)


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Evening, thank you for all the lovely posts.
I have had a good day today not feeling as nauseous as normally do and have a lot more energy today. My breasts are more tender though.
Anyway I'm cooking dinner now as only finished work half hour ago. Am feeling rather hungry. I have cooked chicken and new potatoes with broccoli and runner beans. I love runner beans! Yum yum.
Hope you enjoy the rest of your evening.
Take care
Kelly x


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Good morning all, hope you are well. I have tried to put on my jeans this morning and it seems I've put weight on. Except I'm 1lb lighter on scales and 1" bigger round my waist. Oh well I'll have to try that hairband trick I remember reading about. I managed to get to bed earlier last night as keep feeling tired and I feel refreshed for it today. Although only been up half an hour yet, so the day will tell.
Anyway must have a shower then get ready for work.
Hope you have a good day
Kelly x


I will be a yummy mummy!
I had to do the hairband trick for my work trousers as they wouldn't fit any more, but found it really uncomfy and was quite self conscious in case my top wasn't quite long enough! Luckily I had some jeans in a bigger size so wore them for a while but I caved around 10 weeks and started buying maternity stuff... so much comfier!!

Glad you feel more refreshed after going to bed earlier - it really does help. But the tiredness doesn't last forever - I've started feeling much better this week, and been having less sleep too so I think it's on the change...


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Good evening all, well I went in to town yesterday and bought myself a pair of jeans in bigger size. I only have one pair and couldn't wear them all the time. The jeans that fit were my old ones from when I started dieting and I wanted to keep them as before and after diet. I still have a little room in there so they should last a bit longer. After thinking about hairband trick I realised like Sarah said I would probably be self conscious all day with my top having to cover it.
I keep thinking about doctors on Monday I keep thinking it is too far away but it is soon. I am just wanting to know how far gone I am.
Ok take care all
Kelly x
Good luck at the docs!

I did the same with jeans, bought a fairly cheap pair a size bigger and some t shirts - I have no clothes :( so I'm hoping they will do me till about 20 weeks ish, I have lots of maternity clothes but not much summer ones.
I could not even get into my clothes at 8 wks even in a larger size I had to get mat ones form ebay on the cheap :)

I hate waiting for certain dates, it is a pain and if you think about it a lot it will even longer. I now try not to think about it and use distractions to take my mind of it. Good luck with the drs anyways :)
Well been to doctors, and I have to book an appointment with midwife, first one available is 20th. Seems like ages again! Oh well it will be there sooner than I think. X


I will be a yummy mummy!
Hi hun

I bit the bullet early and got maternity jeans at about 9 weeks - they can be cheap too, I've had 2 pairs from New Look at only £16 each - one baggier boyfriend style, and one bootcut.
Now though I can safely say nothing fits! I'm limited to only a few non-maternity tops so they're going to have to be my next purchase, and I've got some size 18 linen crops from Evans (thanks to their elasticated waists) which still fit for now...

Does it feel any more real now you've been to the docs? And the 20th isn't that long - I'm sure it'll fly by!

Have you told work yet? I know it's early days but you will get paid time off for any appointments so sometimes it's worth telling your boss early so you don't have to take holiday or make stories up!

Hope you're feeling ok today xx
Hi, it is starting to feel more real, just telling them and now I am going to see a midwife it is definitely feeling real.

I haven't told work or anyone yet as I want to be able to tell them how far gone I am. I feel silly saying I'm pregnant but don't know how far.

As for clothes I'm living in two pairs of jeans at the mo, I just bought a size bigger for now. I will need some new tops soon. Luckily I didn't throw my tops away when I lost weight as I don't mind baggy clothes but you just can't wear baggy jeans when two dress sizes smaller.

Take care
Kelly x
Well evening all, went to see the midwife today and have been given a massive folder to read! All scary when I delve in, how do I want to give birth, I hadn't even started thinking of that. Just been thinking of being pregnant and when they get here! They have initially dated me as 12weeks 2 days an said I will have a scan by next week because I need one before 13 weeks 3 days because of testing for down syndrome. So I am excited that I will know in a week how far I will be gone. So at the moment I am due 30th October. So excited! Yay. I have a booking in appointment with midwife on 29th April with lots of paperwork to fill in.
As for symptoms I am having more cramps now which I think is just growing pains, I still feel sick but a lot less than before, my breasts are still sore! But I'm pregnant! So I don't mind! :)
Hope everyone is well
Take care
Kelly x
Wow enjoy ur scan next week!!!
Hi, had a phone call today to say it will be on weds 27th at 9.50am I cannot wait to see my baby and make it all the more real! Have a good Easter weekend all.
Kelly x

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