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Total Solution Kel's journey to slimsville!!! I hope!

Well here I am day one.
Had shake for breakfast wasn't to bad, nicier than the ones I've had in the past thats for sure.
How do I feel? not to bad. got a little bit of tummy rumbling going on and have been to the loo few times but am doing ok.
I need to do this I'm very unhappy, unhealthy and can't stand to be like this anymore its driving me crazy.
I understand it's not everybodies choice of diet but it works for me, I have a serious issue with eating and the only way I can deal with it is to take the food out of the equation.
I've been on a diet most of my life and now Its time to do it for real, before its too late.
Having soup for lunch we will see how that tastes.
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thank you and you.xxx


Get through each day.
Hiya Kel...you can do this you are right. Get through it a day, hour, minute or even second at a time. xx
Hey all,

So here I am on day two of my journey to slimsville!

Am feeling quite sick today and tummy is gurgling a fair deal, but still be strong.
Had a vanilla milkshake this morning and used a little bit of it in my coffee, was very nice! finding drinking the water quite hard today bit worried seeing as its only day two, but am aiming to at least have 2 litres by the end of the day.

Gonna have the tomato and basil soup for lunch I think.


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Ok half way through day two, hunger seems to have subsided a bit but, I am feeling very sickly and head achy, I know these are both normal side effects so am not too bothered.

My fiance is being very supportive bless him but is a bit disappointed my bum is gonna shrink lol. reassured him that I've always had a big bum even when I weighed 11.5 stone many many moons ago.
yea know exactly what you mean, although I have to admit I feel alot better now than I did earlier, felt so sick.
be glad when I'm in ketosis.x
usually the hunger subsides to barely nothing, but can buy special sticks (that u pee on) from the pharmacy and they turn pink (if my memory serves me correctly) if your in ketosis.
I dont have them atm but am thinking I may have to go get some.
Best of luck.
Well here it is day 3.

I woke up this morning and for the first time in ALONG time I actually had some energy and didnt ache and its only day 3!!!

Have been 100% since I started and still feeling the motivation I had on day 1 to hopefully keep me going, as I sit writing this I am drinking my Thai Chick soup, actually enjoying it :) have to say tho the highlight of day is my bar.
Its crazy that less than a week ago my highlight would have something very bad for me.
Haven't drunk nearly enough water yet today need to get drinking.

Feeling good, am doing well and for the first time since I started I can begin to imagine sticking to this
Hello Day 4!!

Can't believe I'm on day four already, and I'm still being 100%.

So tempted to weigh myself but know it will be more exciting if I wait until wednesday.
Have to say I am VERY proud of myself today. Been out twice and resisted giving into food on BOTH occassions.

First went out with my fiance and he was hungry so went into take away (the type that tends to sell very unhealthly cooked fish and potato products) and I didnt get anything.
Then, went shopping with my mum and nephew and my nephew got hungry. so we went into a famous take away restaurant, the one fronted by that scary clown man! and all I had was a black coffee with a touch of vanilla shake powder in it and my choc/orange bar, unbelievable!

So thought I'd break at both occasions (esp when I smelt the food) and have my usual mountain of various things off the menu but I didnt.

I couldnt believe how much we rely on fast food and take away restaurants when we are feeling peckish, this diet has really helped me to put that into perspective, Its nice having the control to be able to resist.

Haven't drunk enough today yet am really struggling with that, and it's starting to take its toll aswell, getting constant headaches :( dont know why I just cant seem to face the taste.
May have to invest in flavouring powder.

Having my soup later and preparing myself for tomorrows hurdle - My fiance's birthday party :0

I Just keep telling myself this isn't forever and one day I may be able to indulge (just not ALL the time like used to).
I'm loving the way I can resist these things when I never thought in a million years I would!!

Hi Kel, well done on geting to day 4. I'm on day 2 and so far so good I having to sit through everyone eating curry, my fav.

I know what you mean about the water I am managing 3 litres, I can't drink it straight from the fridge I have to let it sit a little in the glass so it gets the chill of it before I can drink it.

Keep going

You've done so well to resist both today, congratulate yourself on what a great job you're doing. It will get easier and you are tackling your eating issues head on.
Thanks guys :) Really appreciate the kind words.

good luck to you both.

day 5!

Well I did it!!!
Didnt eat a thing but my packs at my fiance bday BBQ party wooooooo and all I drank was coffee (with teaspoon of vanilla shake in it) and sparkling water, am unbelievably proud of myself and knackered!

Been very busy getting things done all day and spent about 15 mins on the trampoline with my nephew so shud have burnt a few calories too!

Been very naughty and weighed myself early despite telling myself I wouldn't and......Lost 6lb!!! so pleased.

Anyway am shattered so going to sleep.

Night all sweet dream :)

Day 6,

My finace's Birthday.

Woke up this morning feeling a HUGE sense of proudness (not a real word I know) I cant believe I succeeded in not touching a thing last night. I definately think My relationship with food is changing, which is a massive acheivement for me, I used to have zero control when it came to food but now, so early on I have experianced a huge transformation.

I even managed to cook my OH a bday brekkie and not pick, infact it didnt even cross my mind \0/ *dances around like madwoman*

Hope this feeling lasts. feeling amazing!

Day 6-end of the day

There's a proper arguement going off in my head at the moment.

Am feeling very poorly and not in the best of places in my head.
Half of my head proper want's to just go in the kitchen and eat literally everything and the other half is sat writing this post thinking how well I've done and I'd be mad if I gave in now.

Can't believe my motivation has dropped because If feel ill.
This isnt fair.


Day 7

Still not feeling very well today got a proper headcold and ache all over.

It's been pretty hard today as usually when I'm poorly I turn to comfort foods, but luckily my OH has been my voice of reasoning today bless him and I've not caved in, really wanna though lol.

Haven't drank nearly enough so have a banging headache :( just cant face it today.

On a positive its been my dad's birthday today and I resisted the cake yay.

Day 1- Week 2,

Well weighed my self this morning and had the biggest shock of my life lost 16lb!!! woooooooooooooooooo!

Am so pleased, all that not bein able to eat during various birthdays has paid off.

Am so happy :)


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