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Kerrie - First few days on Core

Afternoon all,

Just wanted to post after starting Core on Saturday and let everyone know how it's going! I'm still quite overwhelmed by the freedom of Core and a bit worried that I won't lose weight but I know I need to completely re-think my relationship with food and this seemed like a good place to start. A little bit about me first of all - last year I lost 8 stone on CD however slipped up and put it all back on (almost!) and am back to being morbidly obese again. I'm 25 and 2/3rds of the way through my PhD in cancer research and potentially going onto to study medicine in a couple of years. In a long-term relationship that recently has progressed from us living 200 miles apart to living together. After repeatedly trying and failing to get back onto a VLCD I recognise I need a new approach and have decided to try Core.

I started on Saturday - weighing in at 18stone 2lb - had a probiotic drink, oatibix and chopped banana for breakfast then eager to get myself kickstarted into healthy ways went to the gym. 1 hour of Body Combat later (cherry red and the biggest in the class) I popped into the pool for a relaxing swim. I then decided that was a waste and proceeded to do 30 laps, trying to limit breaks in between. Did treat myself to a steam and jacuzzi at the end. Food went fine for the rest of the day. Sunday good also - enjoying the monster cookie recipe from Lydia's Core diary. Today has been good although it's someone's birthday and they have brought in the most massive chocolate cake. I know I could point it and have a slice but I am really trying to have a week off the junk food - otherwise I'll get cravings. Better to introduce those sorts of treats later I feel. And to end today I am braving the gym again - to try a spinning class. i have been to one before and it was horrific - my previous gym did not offer any techniques classes so I launched straight into a full class and almost passed out when the rest of the class stood up on their bikes and sprinted. Have techniques first today and am going to tell the instructor I will sit and pedal quietly if it all gets a bit much and hoping I will be allowed to do that. Aiming for 3 gym visits a week initially, though I would be happy if I made 2 times as well. I do love classes so once I get myself there I know I get an excellent workout.

I know the weight loss will be slower than I had on CD but at least it will be coming off and my health will get better. The simplest tasks leave me tired and cross right now and I know I am happier when I am healthy. So I hope to spend some time getting to know everyone over the next few months, right now I'm off to build a new ticker for myself.

Kerrie x
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Hi Kerrie and welcome

Hope core works well for you - one or two people on here are doing it so you should get plenty of support (not to mention recipes from Lydia).

Regaining weight seems to be an unfortunate pattern of VLCDs - I have a friend who has lost and regained six stones on Lighterlife THREE TIMES now. It worries me.

WW is a good healthy approach to food, IMHO and teaches you how to eat long-term.

Good luck with the weight loss and also with the PhD - I'm just starting mine in Social Anthropology!
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Hi Kerrie

Welcome from another Corer! Glad you are liking the Monster cookies, they are lovely aren't they. I will also try to post as many receipes as possible to steal away at will ha ha!

I am loving core, like you I need to completely change my relationship with food and introduce fresher ingredients, ensure my 5 a day at least and basically limit the junk.

On points although I was always sticking to my daily points, I didn't spend them wisely (ie crisps, choc, biscuits, ready meals etc), and knew that if I wanted to lose the weight and keep it off I need to eat far healthier!

Although I put on 0.5lbs last week (first weigh on CORE), I am hoping thats a blip and I will start to see some results from this week, my weight loss is nortoriously slow so I would be very happy with a pound a week.

Keep posting will be interesting to see how you get on with Core.
I know what you mean Lydia - last time I did weight watchers I was very good at using my points on junk and ultimately that's not going to help me maintain even if the weight comes off so I have high hopes of Core. I will probably introduce small treats at some point I just want to feel like I am solid on the plan first. Using it as a life laundry opportunity - get fit as well etc. Managed to go spinning last night for my first proper class and I really enjoyed it but I am a bit saddle sore this morning! I have another monster cookie for lunch today - probably should introduce a bit of variety soon but am happy for now eating a different evening meal each night.


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Morning Kerrie and Welcome

Sounds like you are doing well. Spinning is really hard, so well done you for going :)

How are you finding Core so far?

If you need anything, just shout, there will always be someone around to help you.

Good Luck


P.S What is a monster cookie?
You sound very motivated Kerrie and the weight will just fall off you and spinning is so hard!! so well done you for changing your eating and going to the gym, sounds like you have had a complete lifestyle change!


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Hi Kerrie welcome to the ww gang!
Thanks for the welcome all! Yup -spinning was hard although i went to a technique class first so the instructor knew I would just sit back and pedal if the hill climbs and sprints got too much!

Core is good - I am trying to be brave and having always been a fussy eater addresss this as well - we had tuna steaks for tea last night which is new for me! A monster cookie is something I found on Lydia's core diary - oats and applesauce basically, really filling and means I haven't (so far) been tempted to snack in the afternoon even yesterday when we didn't have dinner till 9pm and I had only had the cookie and fruit for lunch around 1 so that was good. I am going to continue to be brave and probably go for the hummus and oatcakes (also from Lydia's diary) this week or next to keep introducing new foods.


nearly there!! :)
hey and welcome. i would love to try the core but i dont think im at the right stage to give up points yet i prob will try it at some stage though!!
good luck u seem really upbeat so enjoy it xxx
I should weigh in saturdays but as we will be away this weekend I will do Friday morning instead (I have been peeping at the scales and they are heading down!). Having mild panic as got mixed up and had Oatibix twice for breakfast which is NOT core (weetibix is) but only had twice so hoping so damage done. Might brave spinning again tomorrow if my bum recovers from Monday!


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Welcome to WWs dont think weve 'met' yet :)
Glad you are joining Core, I was going to give it a try but kept making excuses, maybe I am ready for it now. To echo a comment above I also use a LOT of my points on junk so Core may be the way to go for a while.

Well done on the gym classes, youre a brave lass. I get tired even at the word Spinning!

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