ketosis at day two


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hi second day is almost over,just tested on ketostix and what a lovely suprise am already in ketosis- just the weekest of the pink colors but hey.. still..
Am verry happy:)
Good night to you all:)

That's fantastic:D:D:D:D

What a great buzz you are going to have tommorow when you wake up and start your day 3. Brilliant!!!!

Lacey..xx :D


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Well done ya and all the best for the rest of the week, take care


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Keep going and the weight will start falling off now.

The ketostix are meant to be pink not purple, a common misconception is that if they are purple you are burning more fat but this is wrong, if they are purple it means you need to drink more water.


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takes me about 4 days to get into ketosis so your doing great. Had 2 bars the other day as was travelling and that knocked me right out of ketosis, took a couple of days to get back .