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Ketosis Concerns

Hey everyone ^_^

Ok, so I'm on day 4 of the CD and it's going pretty well all things considered.

After hunting through no less than six pharmacy's in Cork (Ireland) I was finally able to find one that sold Keto-Diastix, after she spoke to her manager about whether they could be sold without a prescription - What a palava!

Anyway, I now have my Ketostix and I've read the instructions and they have pretty much terrified me.

In particular I'm concerned about the following statement: "Small amounts of ketone in your body are usually not harmful. However, when you have too much of this substance in your body it can be dangerous. If you burn too much fat and produce a lot of ketones, you may develop a complication called diabetic ketoacidosis. This can lead to a diabetic coma."

Now I'm not diabetic (to my knowledge), so I hope that this sentence isn't applicable to those without diabetes however it doesn't really make it clear... can you guys start convincing me that I'm not going to die on SS please?

Thank you! :p

- Joe
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Ketoacidosis happens in type 1 diabetics and alcoholics. It is a life threatening condition, but is not the same as ketosis. It is important however to drink water to flush out the ketones.
Hmm.. I could very well fall into either of those categories without realising so let's hope the amount of water I'm drinking does the job! Thanks for the reply :)

- Joe


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Type 1 diabetes is very different from adult-onset or type 2 diabetes and ketoacidosis is rare in type 2. Don't worry, it's really unlikely that you'd have type 1 diabetes without knowing :) Ketoacidosis also has pretty severe and obvious symptoms of being really unwell first too. You'll be fine.
Ah well that is a relief ^_^

I do have one more question about Ketosis (and Ketostix in particular).

Where should I be to be 'in Ketosis' safely in this chart, any clues? I think at the moment I'm between the 1.5 and 4 mmol/L marks (So between the pinks)... is that.. right? >_>

(I feel a bit icky even asking but this forum is probably the best place!)

- Joe
Sounds good to me! My intention was only really to make sure the Ketosis had started, the rest of them I think I'm going to leave for emergency wagon-falling. Not that.. I'm planning.. for that sort of thing <_<

- Joe

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I second Starlight's advice ketostix are a waste of money. If you are 100% you are ketotic. This sometimes won't show on the ketostix if you are drinking loads of water anyway. Don't get hung up on it and follow the plan. Good luck.

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