Ketosis - do you go into it if you're on a plan higher than sole source?


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Hi All,

I have recently started CD and am on the 810 plan (3 cd meals a day plus a small protein and veg meal), so far so good, first couple of days are definately the hardest. I just wondered if someone can help me - do you go into Ketosis on the plans higher than sole source? I thought sole source was the only one where you did and therefore was wondering if citric acid is a problem on my plan? Any help would be much appreciated. Plus anyone got any good recipe ideas for the evening meals????

First weigh in on Monday, nervous but excited because jeans feel looser already!!! :D
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I think you shouldn't have citric acid as it can kick you out of ketosis. Most people stay in ketosis on 810 while sticking to the correct amounts and don't have extra food. :)

I think you will be able to get into ketosis if you stick to the plan.

xx Lostris


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yeah hon. most people remain in ketosis at 810 as long as they have the correct amounts. i did. avoid citric acid. it kicks people out of ketosis and also gives people the munchies!!

abz xx