ketosis - how long?


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First of all Hello friends.

This may have been covered elsewhere but I don't know where to find it.

I have two questions which I'd like answered if you can help (thank you).

1) How long (on average) does it take to get into ketosis?

2) How long does the mental hunger last for (I think it's 7 days but can't remember what my CDC told me)?

Thanks in advance .....
I took about 4 days to get into Kitosis.

As for the mental hunger. Well I'm not on day 9 and although the food packs fill me up for a good few hours, I still fill hungry around meal times.

It's now 10.30pm and my stomach is growling so much, I'm starving tonight, but I don't think I've drunk enough water today either, so it may be my fault.

I'm determined to stick with this diet though so will ignore the hunger pangs and go to bed soon.

Good luck with your first week
I was in Ketosis on day two due to my good preparation.

The mental hunger is a killer. You have taken away an addiction so it's natural it will be quite a struggle to cope with the mental hunger. However... once you see the weight start coming off then it fills you with extra motivation and belief so it becomes easier.

It is important that you look into the reasons why you ate before... as dealing with reason/causes that make you comfort eat will help avoid the need to do so; thus banish mental hunger!
I was in ketosis on day 2 aswell-and I ate for England the days leading up to the diet!!
For me the mental hunger has the hardest part for me, and I slipped up a couple of times just needing something to physically chew. Week 3 now, and the past week, it just has not been a problem for me-which I never ever thought would be possible!
I happily cook my family scrummy dinners, and sit with them to eat, and Im not even tempted-at all. Food is no longer an obsession for me, and I really think I have retrained my brain that food does not equal comfort/happiness.
Its the best thing I have ever done for myself :)