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Ketosis on SS+??

varies from person to person and what you were eating before etc. but usually firmly in it by day 5. Keep going and focus on why you want to do this so you keep it as a positive experience in your mind.

Take care


Slowly but surely x
up to 4 days hunny.
I managed on day 2 on the 810 but I was the carb queen and the sudden stoppage of carbs shocked my little old body (I ate toast all day long!)
In the book, Step 2 which is about the 810 plan it does state that.... On Step 2 it's unlikely you'll remain in ketosis as you'll be introducing a greater amount of carbohydrate to take your daily calorie intake up to 810 cal/day. The good news is that you'll still see great weight loss because your energy intake is still low.....

I never stay in ketosis when on 810, but I am not always in ketosis on SS or SS+ either.
Even when I'm well into ketosis, I still have days when I'm ravenously hungry and I'm horribly grumpy. :) Sadly, ketosis isn't a miracle cure... more like a painkiller, if you like. And sometimes painkillers don't dull all the pain, do they?

Hang in there - if you can stick with it, there'll definitely be more good days than bad from now on!
OMG really, not even with SS?


Slowly but surely x
i dont have carbs on 810, linda. i want be life to be 80% carb free even after CD
OMG really, not even with SS?
I think the thing is, it's 'head hunger', rather than real hunger, if that makes sense. Don't know about you, but I use food for so many other things than stopping hunger.

Had a bad day - eat
Had a good day - eat
Bored - eat
Tired - eat

etc :D

So sometimes I'm grumpy and hungry because I can't use food to shut up those other feelings!

But I promise, it gets easier!
i dont have carbs on 810, linda. i want be life to be 80% carb free even after CD
That is just what the book says. There are carbs in veg tho. Some are much higher than others which is why we are only allowed certain veggies.

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