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Ketosis question?

Trixie Firecracker

A Work In Progress
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Yup, you can definitely get into ketosis whilst eating normal food.

I did Atkins for a few months a few years back and I was eating great, went out to restaurants regularly, had lovely steaks and creamy sauces, full fat cheeses and lots of yummy foods and I was always in ketosis.

You just have to watch the carbs - bread, rice, pasta, potatoes etc...

If you concentrate your meals around proteins, fats and healthy veggies you'll be fine.

Just out of interest - are you taking 3 Exante shakes per day along with a meal, or just 2 or how are you fitting your shakes in around your food?

Best of luck with it!
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Trixie Firecracker

A Work In Progress
G: 9st4lb
Ooops, forgot to mention, Re: mints, breath freshener etc...

Now I'm not an expert on Exante - tbh I got no booklets or leaflets with my order, just the bare shakes, however, I'd assume it's the same principals as Lipotrim which would mean no mints.

Not sure about breath freshener - do you mean the spray thingies?

Mouthwash is ok though.

I know when I was doing lipotrim a lot of people used those instant breath freshener strips that dissolve on your tongue, and they reported no adverse effects weight loss wise, however I abstained to be on the safe side.
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Hey Shannon,
I totally agree with you about breakfast, in fact I never knowingly miss any meal !! I think science agrees too and says breakfast is essential for weight loss. I have a shake hot for breakfast, with a couple of tablet sweeteners, hot choc yum!
Having weetabix probably won't get you into ketosis though, which is a bit of a bummer as ketosis is so helpful to weight loss. If you can't handle a shake try a bar for breakfast instead. They are kind of weetabix- ish. You could have eggs instead perhaps.


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Salmon with low fat cream cheese is nice and low carb too.


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If I can't get a shake down I make it into a "bar". I crush two tablet sweetners in a bowl, add the mix and then add a tsp of water at a time - mixing it until I get a thick paste. I then put it in a ramikin, microwave for 100 secs and allow to cool. You can make "chocolate brownie", "strawberry muffin", "banana bread" and "coffe e cake" (add 2 tsps instant coffee).

However, this is not recommended to do regularly as it kills some of the nutrients. Make sure you drink extra water. They taste ok!
All these tips are really helpful. Thank you and please keep them coming! Am in my second week of Exante now and do tend to eat a little bit of meat here and there purely because I miss eating! Also I'm paranoid that it might be bad for your teeth to stop chewing! (That's just weird)


In it to win it.
S: 16st6lb C: 13st0lb G: 11st10lb BMI: 24.7 Loss: 3st6lb(20.87%)
lol - it certainly beats a shake! Just had banana. I know we can't do it all the time - but it makes a nice treat. Now, if anyone knows a nice way to get the soups down, let me know. I'm really struggling this time with the soups. :mad:
i've just tried warming the bars... and they become a bit more dessert like...so give them a try..tried the toffee one today. Not bad.
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wow - some top tips when the boredom kicks in!

I tend to throw in chilli flakes when blending the soups. Good and warming.

And the banana shake's crakin' when done hot. :)

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