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Ketosis question


Having a mid-life crisis
I was around day 4/5 I think. Hang on in there :)


must lose twinny belly :)
thank you hun,
ps how do u actually thanksomeone in a post, lol sorry stupid question, but it says on my thingy u have been thnaked 3 times, 0 how do i do this
haha i was the same dont worry...everytime i peed i checked the ketostix and i was constantly breathing on my friends and when i finally got there i did a little dance in front of my friends cos i was hapy to have smelly breath lol..i think i was day 5 or 6 though..youll get there the weight will come off dont worry! x
the first time for me it was day 5.. this time i'm on day 4 and no joy yet lol


Eyes on the Prize!!
Well my OH says my breath stinks. Which for once in my life made me happy!! And my ketosticks tell me I'm in ketosis but my tummy hasn't quite caught up yet and still thinks its starving!
If you're breathing on your husband to check Ketosis, then you will know you're in it when he screams at you to get away loool, it's really nasty stuff!


must lose twinny belly :)
my mouth tastes funny today so maybe im there lol
havent got any sticks can i get them from chemist


I will be skinny again!!!
Yup you can get them from the chemists

But to be honest they are a waste of money.. they are pretty unreliable.. your best going by how you feel..

Mine started off with a furry mouth and bad taste and then the hunger goes and you get a little high (first time round was a huge high)

I went in arround day 4 the first time i think and about day 5-6 this time :)


No longer a redhead though!
Oh dear, really not looking forward to this. I am potentially having a 3rd date with a chap around day 4 or 5 (hopefully!), not really the done thing to have bad breath is it! And he's such a good kisser!
:wave_cry:hi i'm really sorry to annoy you, but i'm hoping you're still on here.. i'm new and haven't a clue where to start..just wondering if you could tell me where i can get some help using this site..on lipotrim diet and this seems like a good support..so sorry to interrupt, thanks!!:confused::confused:


Gone fishing
Hi Polly. Welcome to minimins :)

You're posting in the right place. Just ask some questions or let us know if there is anything we can do to help. Lots of lubberly members here :)
Hi... just a question from someone who's relatively new ... can someone explain this word 'ketosis' to me please.. I keep seeing this, it doesnt sound too good to me ? havent heard of it before, only seen it on this site when browsing.

thanks !

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