Ketosis sticks - question


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Hi all
Does your cdc provide you with ketosis sticks? As i have only lost 3 lbs in 2 weeks my cdc gave me a bottle so i could provide her with a sample at my next weigh in (tuesday). Unfortunatly i had a chinese last night (sat) ahh i know how naughty i am but i felt in need of a treat as i have been so good. Am back strictly on it again as unlike other diets although i have had a blip i am still determined.
Do i still do a sample for my cdc on tuesday? Do you think i will be back in ketosis by then? I have realised why i have had a slow couple of weeks - chewing gum and the wrong salad dressings as i did weigh on sat morn and had lost 5 lbs after not having had the c gum or s dressing.
How long does it take to get back in ketosis and if cdc's dont provide the sticks can i buy them?
Appreciate any advice as I have had had great replies in the past :D
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It depends on each individual how quickly you get into ketosis. I felt myself go into ketosis within about 48 hours so the same might happen to you?

If you really want to eat try just eating protein and stay away from carbs and gum that way you will probably stay in ketosis which will make the diet much easier in the long run.


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I have definatly been staying off carbs and have been sticking to the chicken / fish as told in the book, this was just a treat. How do you know that you are going into ketosis within about 48 hours? Sorry if i am sounding thick xx


With me, I started the diet Friday, and was told to check for ketosis on Monday at the very least, to allow myself time to go into ketosis, but by this morning I was on the darkly coloured side of the chart (def in ketosis). I have been very strict, I'd love to chew gum but make sure I don't, (try those sugar free breath sprays instead, they don't seem to hinder progress). I'm on sole source though so it might be different for you. My counsellor provided a few sticks but I also bought a tube, you can get them from boots, or buy them online, priced £7.99.