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Ketosis - What do I need to look for


So I am desperately worrying that I am going to do something wrong and end up not going into ketosis... Its all new to me!

What do I need to look out for?
I don't want to use sticks particularly, so i am looking for physical symptoms...

Also how many days in should I be looking to feel things happening!?

Thanks in advance
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Hi, can only speak from my own experience really but after 3-4 days I stopped feeling hungry and craving things and had a strange metallic taste in my mouth. Kids also told me I needed to brush my teeth more because my breath was smelly! I also started feeling really really thirsty with a dry mouth. I never bothered with the stix either. Good luck, I'm sure you're doing fine!:)


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I didn't worry about the sticks either - and I know as soon as I go into ketosis - the metallic taste in the mouth, thirsty, and funny smelling wee (sorry!). Happens 2-3 days after I go back on induction.


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For me it's usually a banging headache, just feeling generally rough and leg cramps


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Oh and my mouth tastes like I've been sucking on a penny! lol
Woah! And as if by magic we're here. Oh this does not feel at all good.....

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Metallic taste, smelly breath, bad BO, stinky pee, fluorescent pee. LOL :D
Florescent pee eh! Sounds exciting!

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My breath is making me feel sick lol! I won't talk to anyone at the moment hehee!


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how long does the metal taste in the mouth last for? i got it about 3 days in, but only for one day? should i have it all the time?

Weigh in for the first time tomorrow and im scared lol.

vikki xx
I so hit ketosis today. Feel like ****! Wohoo! Night peeps!

Oops excuse the swear word!


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i must be going in today i feel like death :( can barely keep my eyes open :(
I do hope it eases soon! I am so self concious! I'm like a walking trash bag today! I absolutely stink! Keep spraying myself!!!!



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i never noticed that i smelt...mind you now i have given up the fags maybe i will smell.......
:flirt2:Oh then maybe i just smell! That would be embaressing!!!

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