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Ketosis - what is it?

Ketosis is a process in which your body converts fats into energy. During the conversion, ketones are produced as a by-product. Ketones can give your breath a sweet, fruity smell that may be mistaken for alcohol.
It can be attained by cutting out carbs -- it ususally takes between 3-5 days for the carbs to get out of your system. Carbs turn to sugar in your blood and give you energy. When you are in ketosis, your body has to burn fat for energy instead.
Hi again!!
So, ketones goes out - in your urine?? Cut out the carbs - I take it there are no or little amounts of carbs in the likes of W8, CD meal replacements?? How long can your body continue to be in ketosis? Sorry if it's like a science quiz!! xx
Hi, right basically ketones can be dangerous if you dontdrink enough fluid to replace the acidity of the blood ketosis is the action of burning ketones are the chemicals given off into the blood they are very acididc hence the big push for water, there is no evidence to suggest that doing a vlcd will do damage in terms of ketosis ... i read 2 weeks maximum however i did a vlcd for months i now eat food and slim.... ketosis is more dangerous to diabetics so unless your diabetic doing a vlcd id see how it goes :D
Thanks for that, things are getting clearer!! I know the body goes through so many processes when you're dieting but being more informed just makes you more aware. I have been told to up my water intake and have purposely bought bottled water, for the 2litre bottles to keep an eye on what I am drinking rather than guessing. With that in mind, the amount to drink is that all fluids or just water?:D:D xx
Hi again, has been 3 days since I started diet and kids have told me my breath smells funny, like strawberries? Either have really bad breath or have Ketosis!! Going to the chemist later so will get some sticks to check ketones. Have talked to pharmacist so know a little more! :clap:
So much more to this dieting business never knew the science bit about it. Puts it into perspective :D

Hard bit today is its my birthday, friends taking me out but am gonna stick at the water while they drink. I know I would feel lousy if I gave in now! :(
Hi, Dancing. I can see your on the VLC too and have done brill, how do you feel? :character00100:

I have started a very low calorie diet with the help of my doctor (day 4 today). I wanted to do CD but have had to have some blood tests done as family members have been diagnosed with thyroid problems and the doctor wants to rule that out first. I was disappointed as I wanted to get on straight away as I had worked myself up to get in the right frame of mind. So I started the VLC and I assumed I would lose 1 or 2lb after a week but I already weighed myself and found that I have lost 8lb already. :scale:
Have widdled for England and guess most of it is fluid but its working for me at the moment and I was really suprised by the support my doctor gave me. They have a weight clinic and gym on prescription so that's been a big help for me.:D Though I'm not ruling out any changes to my diet as I'm a woman on a mission now!! I'll probably need to adjust at some point or other, for me I just need to get into better habits and lay off the sweet stuff!! Will update weight loss on Wed as thats my starting day.
I brought some ketostix and my colour never changes it just stays the beige colour, does this mean im in ketosis or should i be aiming to be in the pink...♥♥

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