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Some quick advice please!!!
I'm on Day 5 of LT & admit to cheating with a little bit of chicken last night (it made me ill with guilt & will NEVER happen again).
My question is, have I thrown myself out of Ketosis if indeed I was ever in Ketosis? I have ordered Ketostix but Royal Mail are part of a conspiracy to keep them away from me lol.
I feel upbeat & energetic today, which isn't me, could this be it???
Thank you!!
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yes hun,could well be.
i doubt you knocked yourself out hun if it was only a little chicken.just don't do it again!
i never bothered with the ketostix.i heard they were very unreliable.
once in ketosis some get more energy,or unfortunatly like me,they don't.
stick at it.your weigh in will be soon and you'll know when you see the scales go down ,that lipotrim is worth it x
Thank you!!!
I just wanted something to tell me it was worth it & I was doing it right. I do feel a little different today and was hoping that was why.
I'm obsessive with oral hygiene & use mouthwash through the day anyway so I haven't noticed my breath change. Is there any other way to tell???
I ate 3 chicken breasts the other day (I'm not on lipotrim anymore but like this section of the forum haha). Still in ketosis :D
A little bit of chicken wouldnt have knocked you out of ketosis.
I used ketostix last year and although some days they showed I was in ketosis, on other days they didnt, so that was quite daunting. I was following lipotrim and not cheating. I wouldnt bother with the stix again.

Smelly breath, energetic, not hungry, sense of well being are all signals, but not everyone gets these symptoms, we are all different.

Try not to worry, I am sure you are in ketosis by day 5.
This is my day 4 and it was only this afternoon I noticed a taste in my mouth for about an hour or so, which has gone now, but I am sure I am in ketosis now.

Its usually anything from day 3-5 when we reach it. Some are even earlier though.

Good luck with your lipotrim journey.
Thank you all..
I've got the stix and I'm having the same results. Negative 1 day then traces the next but I do feel I'm having all of the symptoms. Oh well. I can only hope lol.
Thanks again.

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