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You are in full ketosis now Maz, if you show the darkest purple then the chances are you aren't drinking enough hon :) Mid range on the sticks is about where you should be.
oh dear, i am still having cravings for choccie aswell sometimes, i thought they would go away when i was in full ketosis :-(, although i have had an energy burst on the plus side :)
Coke zero or diet coke is recommended for cravings! I also fins that SF jelly and cream works :D There is a lot of info on google about ketosis and ketostix, it makes for interesting reading
i wondered if it was because i was having some splenda in my coffee that may have set it off, but i have only had one or two teaspoons a day..its the only sweet thing i have had
i might try some jelly, i did notice tesco's own make raspberry and strawberry ones are made with sucralose so i might try them :)
Hartley's sf ones are fine as well hun :)


Call me Linzi...
Ketosis is like being pregnant... you either are or are not! Any stage on the sticks means yr in ketosis, the darker you are usually means your more dehydrated or the first few days when yr flusing out alot of ketones. You can also show as beige on the sticks if you drink lots of water, personally I think you can be too hung up on what the sticks tell you!!

If yr at 20g carbs per day, smell rough & have florescent pee... your onto a winner!! :D
That sums it up so well Linzi :hitthefan:LOL
try peeing in the dark, it is fluorescent Maz. :D
LOL LMAO, yes Linz. I had that for about a month I think, LOL it was strange.

Any bets that Maz will go and try it. ;)


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RALMAO, Steve's just phoned from work while I'm reading this & he's going to have his next pee in the dark!!!

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