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Fitness Freak!
Today is day 3, and I decided to test for ketosis but wasnt really expecting it yet. But I'm in the pink!! I feel so much better than yesterday, though I think I may need to increase to 4 packs in order to keep exercising properly. I just hope the scales move soon...
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Guess who's back...?
Woop! Well done mudbabe! Great feeling huh?

Ref the exercise, it's actually recommended we don't exercise while doing a VLCD. Gentle toning exercise is fine (like pilates etc), but nothing cardio. The few calories we are getting are too busy burning our body fat, if we use them doing exercise, we actually find we don't lose as much, which is a bit of a pain as we feel we have been working extra specially hard!

If I were you (not knowing how much you have to lose), I would forget the exercise for a bit, just do a bit of pilates or similar three times a week at most, and then when you get nearer to goal start increasing the stuff you're doing to tone up properly.

VLCD + proper cardio is a definite no-no... even on 4 packs.

Good luck with your first weigh in x x x
I din't know that Anna -Clearly not been paying attention. I haven't barely lost any weight this last week as I have been doing a lot of excercise. So you shouldn't do much excercise?


Guess who's back...?
As far as I know, but I'm no oracle!

I think the recommendation is to do toning exercises only, or continue with an exercise regime if it's something you were doing religiously pre-diet, bit don't start anything new that is too strenuous, or push yourself to being sweaty, breathless.

We are surviving on the bare minimum and that is what we need to perform vital functions and burn fat... if you burn off some of those calories doing exercise our body will think it's in a deficit and go into starvation mode, holding on to everything it has.

I know the Exante booklet says something different, so don't take my word for it... I am going on what LL old us and I successfully lost almost 6 stone with doing no exercise apart from the odd gentle swim or relaxed yoga sesh.

The theory behind why exercising too much slows weight loss makes sense to me, and seems to be true for me and those I know that have done a VLCD before as well.

A xx
I knew there was a reason I love Exante - no exercise! Suits me down to the ground. Could explain why I'm here in the first place, of course ....... :)


Guess who's back...?
Hehe, well we deserve an up side (oh, apart from the rapid weightless that is!!).

The lack of food and drink is so chuffing boring, it's only fair we get to chill a bit hehe.

In all seriousness though, I think regular pilots style stuff is good, stretches, etc. Good for the joints, heart and muscle tone. LL gives members a DVD and it's basically gentle yoga stuff using a resistance band and fit ball. They also recommended walking using a pedometer and upping that slowly.

I think the motto is gently does it, don't push yourself :)



Fitness Freak!
Thanks for the replies. Im going to see how I go, but cutting out exercise isn't an option for me as I'm training to be an instructor!! If I really have problems then I'll have to come off the diet, but so far I feel okay so fingers crossed!!
I have been searching on google and their is some research that says you lose more weight on a VLCD combined with excercise. However I have continued my ex and I am not losing weight but then I am 10lbs to goal and I guess you do slow down plus I don't lose weight very fast anyway. I am doing about an hours power walk/jog every night and I can really feel it on my stomach muscles -which is where I want to lose weight.

If you are training to be an instructor Mudbabe maybe you can advise. My stomach is a bit jelly like after 3 pregancies with super big babies. What is the best way to make it less sponge like.?
Cannyscot, try these exercises, a minute of one, then 30 seconds rest then a min etc for total of about 10 mins a day - mayb after a walk so youre gently warmed up.

Sidebends: Stand upright with feel shoulder width apart. Reach sideways one way and then the other, aiming to get your fingers lower than your knees.

Plank: Lie on the floor and take your weight on your toes and your elbows keeping your tummy pulled in and bottom low.

Leg raises: Lie on your back then keeping your legs straight raise your feet a few inches off the floor. Hold and repeat. These are deceptive - far harder than you would expect! They work in a similar way to situps and crunches but without putting strin on your neck.

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