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Hi again, still sticking to it. Finding it reasonably easy, do need to drink more water than what I am.

Sorry if i sound thick but how will I know when Ketosis is happening? I'm waiting for my Atkins book to come, so i'm sure it will explain in there.


Shell xxx
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Normally you get a metallic taste in your mouth and your breath might be a bit smelly. Some people get headaches and/or mild flu symptoms and some people feel cold. Probably everyone is a bit different, I always fell fluish but don't get bad breath.
Yeah I don't think there's any definite sign, more just lots of hints that you are like lass says and ditzee says. Metallicy breath and the flu etc. I wouldn't get too hung up on it. Just make sure you keep your carbs super low (i.e. under 20g a day - read, re-read and RE-READ every label on the back of the packet) and the rest will follow.


Clean green leafy machine
I get the metallic breath all the time and feel a tad ummm smelly, didn't get the burst of evangelical energy...and I really, really want glow in the dark wee! :D So jealous, Linz!

Since I started Atkins in August, here's the pluses and minuses -

Plus -
- no bloating
- no blowing off (honestly, it was all the time, I felt like a very old, colon-less person sometimes, not a 40 something with all her bits, I could have played trumpet for an orchestra lol)
- no more reflux
- much less of a dodgy tum (which I've now realised was due to milk and evil carbs)
- losing weight easily for the first time ever.

Bad side - IBS which I get from too much red meat. Beware the pie :)

Taz is spot on - assume nothing about what you buy, as the contents of stuff can really vary from brand to brand, and from lite to full. I could feel myself screaming inside the first time I used full fat mayo - but it works a treat.

Jim said in his sticky that over his long but amazing journey, he got to learn what did put weight on and what didn't - he listened to himself. That really resonated with me, because I never stopped long enough to listen to my body - just kept shovelling in potatoes and pasta and baked beans (sometimes altogether, with cheese on top) and hoping for the best.

If you get the flu symptoms (I did a bit, but not too badly - I think water was the key there), focus on the fact that it will pass. Your body is just re-adjusting itself.

Hope that helps.

Susie :D
Stinky breath, bad BO, smelly fluorescent pee. YAY :bliss: :bliss:
welocme to the zone :)
the mad energy is how i know oh and the sticks :D
i still get bloated though. prob all the water!


Clean green leafy machine
me neither.....in fact the only way i know is to test, and i spend more days out of it than in it, still trying to work out why, i'm strict with the carbs, doing everything i should be doing, but still it seems a bit hit and miss for me.

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