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Hi all,

Wonder if anyone could help me with something that's been bugging me! It's purely theoretical, however with all the talk of exercise and Cambridge it's got me thinking. Surely if you exercise, even lightly, in the first few days of Cambridge you would use up your glycogen stores quickly therefore getting into ketosis quicker, thus avoiding 3 days of hell? There's probably something I'm not getting about the whole thing! Also if you eat carbs then exercise do you burn them off quicker thus avoiding dropping out of ketosis?

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Theoretically exercising will burn up your stores faster but could also aggravate the symptoms because you are also you will dehydrate more aggressively .. aggravating the carb detox "hangover" if that makes sense?

Your body will always store extra carbs as glycogen first... and your body will turn to those stores first as a an energy source.. meaning eating carbs will keep you out of ketosis. Having glygocen stores in the first place will automatically take you out of ketosis. The carbs in the 810 plans etc are of a particular type so as to prevent storage as glycogen therefore keeping you in ketosis.

Does that make sense?


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wow i think my head just exploded!


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If you google about ketogenic diets you'll find a lot more about ketosis in general (just remember our calorie intake is a lot less than a medical ketogenic diet) as they are becoming a fairly common tool for treating certain types of epilepsy so there is a lot more info available about it.