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Hi All

My restart was going ok, aside from a couple of wobbles. Then I had a friend's baby shower on Saturday and I thought "right, be good and you'll be fine". Trouble was I wasn't good. Then I wasn't good again on Sunday at my niece's birthday party, because my brain was thinking "you're not in ketosis so what does another day matter". Had my weigh in last night and had lost 1.5 lbs but knew if i had been good then it could have been a lot more.

At the core of this is my ketosis. I astound my CDC by getting into ketosis in about a day and a half, without any of the usual negatives. I think this makes me less protective of being in the pink and more likely to cheat. Does anyone else have this issue. I don't want to gloat as I know some people can take 4-5 days to get there, but I think if it was more painful for me then I would be more likely to protect it. Anyway, the long and short of it is that I'm Day 1 again today, although officially it's day 14. I want to be thinner, I don't want to be fat and I have a great goal at the end of all of this that I want to work towards.

Does anyone have any tips on how to get my mind to ignore this little fact. the first time I did it I was so scared in case I came out of ketosis but now I am less so and I think this is contributing to the damage I'm doing.

I'm going to take it a day at a time to start with - so 1 shake and about a pint down....... hour by hour, day by day. I value your inputs guys and gals... can you suggest anything i can think of to dissuade me?

mrs c x
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getting slimmer
hi hun.

dont really have much advice, sorry, but didnt want to read and run(so rude) so i'll tell you my story.

i'm on yet another restart (ss+/810) to, day 2 for me, i do ok ish all week and then the weekend comes and it all goes wrong.
then monday appears and i think one more day off etc.....
and before i kow it ive put on half a stone!!

for me its just the way i am thinking.

if i think "i deserve a treat" i do and i will have one!! that will turn into 10!!

if i think "i really want to be slimmer" then i stick to it.

at the beginning the getting slimmer thing won everytime. now i am 2 1/2 lighter the motivation isnt the same.

i keep going up anddown between 10st 6 and 10st 12lb.

its an exspensive way to go aswell hey??

this is it now.
before when i had treats i'd be carefull and i was still losing.
now however the greedy me was back and it was cider and chinese, cooked breaky etc.

if you wanna day it day by day, together, that'll be good for me.
see who loses and cheats first??
bit of healthy compatition??

good luck!! x


always lurkin around!
hi no real advice only 2 say im on 5 of restart and i had a so called day off ...a treat.... id lost 19lbs .... my day off turned into 3weeks and 9lbs of my loss back on:eek: i know that wen i cheat it takes me 3 days 2 get back into the big K ... sorry cant help anymore dont really know if theres room in this diet 4 a cheat or treat not if your wanting 2 100% ss.. maybe on 1 of the other plans ...good luck xx
thanks for the response Maria, know that people all experience very similar problems when coming back to CD. if i'd only known how hard it was first time I would have done it properly and not been stop start all the time.

happy to do day by day. almost cheated at lunchtime as food left over from office meeting, but didn't and feel quite pleased for myself. think i've got to get the right head on and i think i'm getting there. i might write things down in a diary just to remind myself of how strong i can be, and how i will benefit in the long run.

the only person i'm disappointing is me and my wonderful CDC and i feel so guilty for her - and a bit like a failure if i'm honest. if i can get today under my belt then at least i'm on the way to a good week.

keep up the good work maria, you don't have that much further to go and can imagine it gets harder in the final stage of the journey when you feel so close.
hi mrscookie,
im the same, seem to get into ketosis really quickly with no adverse effects, so i have been a bit "oh well" and cheated.
ive officially been on cd for 4 weeks, but only managed to stay 100% ss for 7 days at a time.
i am restarting on thurs, AND AM BLOODY WELL STICKING TO IT THIS TIME !( sorry im only shouting at myself)


getting slimmer
ive been good today - yay!!
had a bar for breakie, mushrooms, sort of fried in water(?) with peeper and chilli flakes with my cottage cheese allowance mixed in, which made a sort of mushroom, cheesy soup????
weird but quite nice!!!
had a lolly made with a strawb tetra, and a bullion drink this afternoon.
gonna have a soup for my tea, and another lolly for supper.

the evening is the hardest for me.

got my w/i on fri. (before the w/end!!)

good luck sue, think your right about room for cheats, its a long slippery slope hey??

hope you stick to it dani, good luck!!

ive done 2 days now (nearly) and if i can keep this up i'll be happy.
mrscookie, you tried ss+???

i find that little bit of food really helps, didnt at 1st, as i'd just want more and more, but now seems to be helping?? xx


getting slimmer
i had huge slice of cheesecake last night, and i'm SO angey at myself!! WHY??!!
todays another day though, dredeing my w/i tomoz, reckon i'll have put on.
got weighed 2 weeks ago, and i as 10st 6lb.
got weighed in boots on the following mon and i was10st 13lb!!
hope i've lost a little!

hope evrybody elses is going well.

keep going eveyone............you can do it!!!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxx

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