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could be you're in ketosis hun, but more likely you're a tad dehydrated. Or both! Even if it only shows pink on the 3rd one across (next to the blank one) you're in ketosis, but tbh I wouldn't get obsessed with using the sticks.....I did and got quite upset when they didn't show what I wanted them to, but still lost weight so I must've been xxx


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Lifetimeloser any shade of pink indicates you are in ketosis hun. I was on the fourth pink when I tested earlier.
See below
Ketosis, which is a perfectly normal metabolic process, is often confused with ketoacidosis, which is a life-threatening condition. Ketoacidosis is the consequence of insulin-deficient subjects having uncontrollable blood sugar levels, a condition that can occur as well in alcoholics and people in a state of extreme starvation. Ketosis and ketoacidosis may sound vaguely alike, but the two conditions are virtually polar opposites and can always be distinguished from each other by the fact that the diabetic has been consuming excessive carbohydrates and has high blood sugar, in sharp contrast to somebody on a low-carb diet.
Because every person's metabolism is different, the strips turn different shades of purple or pink for different people. Results may vary depending upon the time of the day, whether or not you exercise and what you last ate. One should begin by testing themselves frequently in order to develop an average reading. The package label shows various colors but one should not necessarily worry about the exact level of ketosis they will find on the strip. KetoStrips are especially helpful at the start of a low-carb diet.

Ketones are indicators that your body is in ketosis / lipolysis. Ketosis or lipolysis simply means
that you are using your fat stores as your primary fuel source (not to be confused with keto-acidosis). The byproducts of fat metabolism are ketones. Ketones in your urine give a clear indication that you are metabolizing fat. The strips will change pink or purple, depending upon how many ketones are in your urine. The more ketones you excrete, the darker the color will be on the strip. The higher concentration of ketones in your urine, the more fat you have burned. Ketostrips help you to measure your progress when you are on a diet or trying to stay healthy. If you're on a low-carb diet, KetoStrips are a must-have!

Hope that helps a bit. I was reading about it earlier as I am in day 4.


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After how many days is it worth testing? I am on day 3 at the moment, would it be worth testing tomorrow - during day 4?
thanks girls, especially foosey for that in depth read! that's great as i couldn't find any info on it. cheers x


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Shelz hun, I would leave it till tomorrow. Thats what I did.
Good luck
its far better to be light pink than any other shade girls, this indicates that you are in ketosis, which is where we want to be, but also that the hydration levels are low.........the darker the pink, the more dehydrated you are.

the truth is though, if you are sticking to the diet 100% then you will be in ketosis after a few days (varies from person to person), there is no need to doubt or test, and definitely try not to get hung up on the testing stix.....it will work!!!

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