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Has anyone tried the ketosticx?

I just brought some and appear to be "Trace" according to the tub however not really sure what this means - whether good bad, etc.

can someone from experience advise what I am suppose to look for and how often to do this?

Thanks x
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Sorry to sound thick! But very new to the whole thing and learning loads from the site, what does that mean?

Ketones? Am I offically in Ketosis?

I am not hungry funnily enough but I do wonder what a plate of mash will feel like in 12 weeks hahahah


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Ooops sorry must have fuzzy head still, I read the post wrong.

I just read I am in ketosis so excuse my question of "Am I in it" hahahah.


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Yes indeed, I started on Monday 19th and on the CD SS. Are you?


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Thanks for the link! Just had a read through and makes perfect sense, kind of got the jist but not enough, it appears I have to keep reading things over and over for my brain to register properly.
Thank god I am not at work as I am sure I would be a making lots of mistakes.


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do you stay in ketosis throughout the CD SS program? That is wonderful news if so, I should really get moving more to help use up that fat?

I haven't really considered exercise this week as worried I would fall over or faint hahah I do feel a little lit headed sometimes, however had to nip out and only had lunch at 4 ish as a result so I am sure this is the reason. I find it hard to keep to regular eating if I am out and about so end up trying to fit it in when I get home etc.
you should stay in ketosis the whole time. Ketosis is whats burning the fat. even if you dont do excercise you will still lose weight. have to admit im lazy and havent done anything really.
once you dont cheat you should stay in ketosis, I think some people say that too much exercise can throw you of it it but that hasnt been something that I was ever in danger of doing LOL I never bothered with the stix so I havent checked, I havent been really hungry (other than in my head) since starting SS and so I didnt feel the need to get them
hi again, this will explain to you in better detail all about ketosis

Ketosis is another name for the "fat burning" process. When you start the Cambridge Diet, during the first one or two days your body uses glucose (a simple sugar stored by the body as the complex carbohydrate glycogen), for its main energy requirements. Once the body has used up its stored carbohydrate, it then switches to its other energy source - unwanted fat. A ketogenic diet is very low in carbohydrate.
The body's stored fat is broken down into little fatty acid molecules called ketones and these circulate taking energy to all the tissues in the body. The Cambridge Diet has been carefully researched and formulated so that when used sole source it has just enough carbohydrate for immediate energy and none left over for storage and induces a mild ketosis. The smallest intake of additional carbohydrate can upset this fragile balance and cause carbohydrate to be stored along with water, causing a plateau.
The mild ketosis is an intrinsic part of the design of the sole source programme because it has significant benefits - it is the key to the comfort for the dieter:
  • It reduces the feeling of hunger - removing the temptation to err!
  • It induces a sense of well-being with good energy levels
    Far from being harmful, ketosis is an important safety factor - the body gets all the energy it needs from the breakdown of its fats stores, thus protecting muscle tissue and vital organs
  • Ketones are the products produced by your body when it burns fat. Your body excretes these ketones in the urine and when you breathe out. This is the reason why you can get bad breath and nasty taste in your mouth when on sole source.
The ketones circulate in the bloodstream. When they reach the brain they produce two really pleasant effects: you stop feeling hungry and gain a tremendous feeling of well-being. This helps you to stick to the diet.
The Cambridge Diet has been very carefully formulated to produce this mild, beneficial ketosis. This is possible because of the limited amount of carbohydrate in the diet. If you have any additional carbohydrate - skimmed milk in your tea or coffee, an apple or a slice of bread - you could break the ketosis. You will feel hungry (and may start to eat) and the feeling of well-being will disappear. You may also deposit glycogen which retains water, leading to a plateau.

What is the ketone test?
This is a simple urine test which indicates the presence of ketones. The mild ketosis induced by the Cambridge Diet ensures that sufficient ketones are produced to give adequate energy with some left over which are passed into the urine.
Two simple tests are available from the chemist - Ketostix and Ketur-Test. They are plastic strips with a felt tip. The tip will react and turn pink if ketones are present in the urine.
Most dieters achieve ketosis after three days on the sole source programme. If, after this time a test gives a negative reading (the top does not change colour), it is reasonable to assume that the dieter is deviating from sole source and taking in extra carbohydrate. On the other hand, a positive reading (the tip turns pink) can be very motivating for someone who is in a pre-menstrual plateau. It is tangible evidence that their body is indeed still burning off fat, even though the loss is not showing on the scales.