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  1. Louisa78

    Louisa78 Full Member

    I know not everyone uses them here.
    If you do use them though, what reading do you get on them generally?

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  3. Hellraiser

    Hellraiser Full Member

    have not used them in a while, but mine used to be light purple if I was getting it right.
  4. Hellraiser

    Hellraiser Full Member

    My advice would be not to use them unless you want to research something you are eating that you are not quite sure about.
  5. newlifenow

    newlifenow Full Member

    Im on Atkins a week on Monday and finding it good although i am a bit tired. As for the ketostixs, they have been pinkish since wed, no cravings, no hunger pangs, drinking 2 litres water every day.

    Last night i had a celebratory meal for work. We went to a beautiful restaurant where i would usually order, garlic bread, carbonara and choclate cake:rolleyes:. Instead i orderd garlic mushrooms then salmon and salad,no desert. I was dead proud. Only treat i had was one glass of white wine. Today thinking right i blew it with the wine, lets move forward and get back in to ketosis in next few days. (. i had salad and egg mayo today and chicken and veg tonight and sauages this morn. AND 2 LITRES OF WATER )

    HOWEVER I just used a ketostix to prove i was back OUT of ketosis and no not at all infact im a deep purple. Im so surprised? Anyone share your view with me????
  6. Wrinkly

    Wrinkly Recovering chocoholic.

    I was told red wine has no carbs but I don't like red wine.

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