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just bottle a of ketostix from the chemist no questions asked, prob cos i was in my uniform . however just peed on one and only traces of ketones present. does this mean i am not in established ketosis, for this diet .
i know the diet is working i can feel it !!!! plus my arse feels a bit thinner
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I will get to goal .....
hey mommysue

you are only looking for a trace of ketones ... so should only be pale pink.

sounds to me like you are in ketosis. way to go hun x
Wait till morning (spooky said so and she speaks the trooooooth)cos your wee is concentrated. You've *hopeully* been drinking litres of water so will dilute it a lot!

They dont ask aout ketostix, they're important for some diabetics :)

just the job..... didnt want to sound to thick being a nurse....lol. have always associated ketones with the diabetics....
yeeeha at least its working .
cheers dobbie
Happy ketosis to yoooo xx


Gone, but who cares huh
you know i checked mine at lunchtime and there isnt a trace of pink, but i am in keto cos i am not even remotley hungry and i havnt ate anything i shouldnt, i think different things can affect what shade it is, one of the more clever and learned folk here will no doubt explain it lol
Any sign of a colour change on the ketostix and you are in ketosis. As has been said, you are either in or out. The darker the colour, the more concentrated the ketones, and therefore the more dehydrated you are. Therefore, if you test first thing in the morning you may well be right at the top of the scale as you have not had a drink all night and are therefore clearly dehydrated. Test at lunchtime when you have probably already taken on board a couple of litres and the ketones will be diluted, so little or no trace.

Another thing to watch out for as well is testing too soon after having a pack .... The packs contain carbohydrates, and as soon as the body gets easy carbs to use up it will cease burning fat (which it finds hard work) and will leap on the carbs for its energy. You will therefore temporarily not be in ketosis, though you may still measure some ketones. Depending how long you stay out of ketosis, the measurable levels of ketones may drop away completely. DON'T WORRY though, the levels of carbs in the packs is so minimal that you will be back in ketosis pretty quickly, so you won't even notice.

Anything that you put into your body that can be used as fuel and converted to glucose easier than burning fat will always be used by the body in preference. That is why it is so easy to knock yourself out by cheating ......
thank you . not cheated. as tested a trace that was this afternoon so had a few glasses of the wet stuff( more than a few) had half a pack of soup at lunchtime then had another pack after the test. one and half packs left to go. been thru my box of bits and my cdc gave 4 choc inctead of 2 choc and 2 vanilla ! bit dissapointed looking forward to the vanilla as very yummy !
Never meant to imply you cheated!!!! :eek: Sorry!!

Just making the point how easy it was to affect ketosis, because some people seem to be shocked when they have a nibble on something they shouldn't and they come out of ketosis.


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Hi Sue
Hope you don't mind me asking but how much did you pay for them? I went to boots and they wanted about £5 for a small pot! Is that about the right price?
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That's about what I paid Vicky so sounds about right



S: 15st2lb C: 13st0lb BMI: 28.5 Loss: 2st2lb(14.15%)
What a great idea! Thanks for the tip - they are soooo expensive aren't they!

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