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KFC !!

Im not sure how much they are.. im guessing ice cream is bad? :( i was looking at syns for kfc earlier because i loveee kfc's but looks like i wont be having one in a while! unless i just have popcorn chicken and no chips! ;)
I just love kfc gravy !!..xx
That's not too bad for the gravy. Any idea how many syns the hotwings are? I'd skip the chips and just dip the hotwings in the gravy. My favourite fast food :D
Awww great!! :D I've been craving some takeaway and think that a few hotwings and gravy will be in order tomorrow night IF I have at least a 2lb weight loss. If not then I'll wait.
I don't know about willpower.....the only thing I have at the minute is a mirror and scales!! LOL I actually have the 3 wings and gravy dip in the microwave but still not sure wether to have them or not! I'm only on my 2nd week (although I've been on the plan a few times over the past year) so don't want to get back into eating takeaway all the time but maybe I should be more concerned with fitting takeaway in WITH my plan that completly avoiding it? I think that might be the only way for me.


A determined Bear
Yeah, I think by depriving yourself you might find you crave stuff more. But equally I can see you don't want to get into bad habits again. You have to do whichever is easiest and most maintainable in the long run :) x
At KFC you can have loads of ...... water !! Its my fave fast food :sigh: but im just going to have to avoid it along with any type of pie or pasty as i will just blow the whole week. At least you are syning it though. Good luck with your journey :)


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