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  1. 13katrina

    13katrina Full Member

    I was thinking of trying this to kick start me. Five weeks of having no thinking and getting used to eating regular meals with only healthy snacks.

    I don't think I could afford it over the longer term.

    Do you think that would work?
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  3. new me 20009

    new me 20009 Silver Member


    well you sure will lose some weight and it will teach you good eating habbits, im doing weight to go which is simular and its definately shrunk my stomach and shown me portion control and weight loss.
  4. CarolineM

    CarolineM Stubborn and doing it

    Yep, as new me says it will work fine - will be a great start to a long-term plan :)

    No harm in giving it a go :) Food tastes great :D
  5. 13katrina

    13katrina Full Member

    It looks really good and not faddy at all. Think I'll try this.
  6. new me 20009

    new me 20009 Silver Member

    its proper healthy food, and you lose weight what more could you want,
  7. bryal99

    bryal99 Full Member

    I think it re-educates the stomach and the mind - I am not sure a week will be long enough but def give it a go and then maybe try and source alternatives for you to manage it yourself ??
  8. PurpleButterfly

    PurpleButterfly 16lb to go!

    Yeah definitely, it's pretty much what I'm aiming to do. 5 weeks on packs to get my head around what sort of portion sizes I should be having/how much, and then I'll just do calorie counting I think.. I also don't think I can afford it for the 4 months I'll need, to lose 2.5stone (aiming for a 2lb a week loss).

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