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Kick up the backside required please

:sigh: Oh dear, I'm struggling big time. I only put on 2lbs over Christmas and was so very proud of myself, especially when one came off straight away. Then it all sort of fell apart a bit and put it back on again, then I found some sort of minor mojo and then on Friday I sprained my ankle. So I reverted to norm - when frustrated, stuff yourself. So I have now put on a total of 4lbs. :break_diet:I HATE it. I LOVE my new clothes and I DON'T want to go back to those I have stuffed in the bottom of the spare wardrobe!!

How on earth do you get back on to the diet once you have slipped off?? Any helpful suggestions, kicks up the backside or whatever will be gratefully received.

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Don't beat yourself up!You are not going to put it back on.Stay positive!Everyone has bad days!Try and focus on how good you feel when you stay on plan and how crap you feel when you don't!Do you want to feel bad?NO!Do as many things to keep yourself busy and if all else fails I'll send you my ironing pile!!
Have a good long hard look at yourself naked in the mirror - is this where you want to be?? Yes? Then carry on as you are. No? Then grit your teeth, drink your water and don't accept any excuses to yourself!
Thanks for all the tips, ladies. No, I don't want to be here - I need to be a bit slimmer so I can afford to let it slip a bit. Otherwise I'm going to be back where I started. I am 4lbs heavier than my ticker shows as it doesn't seem to want to let me change it! Perhaps its trying to kick me up the backside.

I really must get rid of those bigger clothes. Its on my "to do" list.

Mary, I'm now going to tackle my own (enormous) pile of ironing :( !

Hi Dancing
Yes doing okay, thanks. Hopped on the scales and lost a big fat zero this week but I lost the bit I put on over the weekend and my head is now back in the right place. I feel that I can get to goal now. How are you getting on?
You have done fantastically well so far, so I'm sure you will stick to it. I wish it wasn't so bloomin cold!
Oh K9, I could have written that (without the sprained ankle bit). However, I've not even managed to restart yet! I only put on 4 lbs over Xmas and 2 weeks in Lanzarote for New Year, but have put on another lb since getting home on Friday!

I keep thinking that I'll know when my head is going to be in the right place to restart, but it's slowly dawning on me that I might have to force it into the right place!

I threw out all of my big clothes yesterday with the grand plan of restarting today, and I managed to eat half a flapjack this morning while I wasn't even looking (if that makes sense).

I've frequently read that restarting is hard, but didn't realise it was THIS hard!

I'm glad you're getting back into it (you too Dancing) and hope I can grab some of your positivity.

Hope you have a great day
Hi Amber,
Yes, I agree with what Dancing says. There was a time a couple of days ago when I thought that was it, I'd had enough. But then I thought about how well I'm feeling now and how many compliments I'm getting and I knew I didn't want to go back to how it was before. So you just have to accept the blip (okay, so I seem to have more blips than most) and brush yourself off and start again.

Also, when I thought about it, I realised I hadn't been drinking the water and I didn't have the cold chicken and cottage cheese in the fridge. If I nibble throughout the day on those and keep drinking, I don't get the urge to snack on chocolate etc. So I don't have a big enough mojo to make me SS but I can lose weight this way and it will have to do. Hope you find your mojo soon. Keep posting!

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