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Kick up the bum please

Right so ive been off Xenical for a week and a few days now, due to the operation and things. Ive gained back nearly 5 of the pounds ive lost.....Gutted isnt the word. But I know why, and I cant blame anything other than the type of food I have been eating whilst poorly (comfort foods) and the lack of energetic exercise. (Have no choice in the exercise department as i'm not allowed, but the food is my own doing)

I have been on antibiotics for a week and finished them this morning. I was going to start back on Xenical today but then we went out to the Harvester for lunch......Big Ooops.

So i'm starting them again after dinner tonight, I wont be able to exercise but I can at least try and get my eating back on track this week.

Support and big kick up the bum needed! oh and maybe a few hugs if you can spare them, as feeling a little low. xx
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All my support babe, you're bound to have wanted comfort foods but I'm just setting off on "The Wagon" so I'll be with you later tonight. Anyone else need picking up on the way xx
Gentle ass-kicking and a whole lot of support from over here. It's totally understandable that if you've had an op or been ill that you'll want comfort foods anyway. Life is probably always gonna be like that and most people who arent dieting do it too so just accept you're human and get back on the wagon as you feel better. I bloody love Harvester but now they put the cals next to everything it actually helps to force me to eat sensibly-ish xx
Thanks Ladies, just had a homemade smoothie and some toast for breakfast and taken my tablet, also booking in an appointment for next tue for my GP for the next lot.
Have our wedding anniversary coming up next week and we are supposed to be going away for a few nights if i feel recovered enough so will be a bit awkward eating out all the time then but hopefully can find "healthy" foods out and about. We are staying next door to a Harvester, so at least I know they have Salad! :)
I know the no exercise factor isnt going to help the weight loss, but only a few more weeks and then i'm allowed to go back to the gym again :) xx
Could a lot of it not be water retention due to the op? I know its slightly different but I had a long difficult birth with my little lady resulting in a *lot* of blood loss and an operation, and within 24 hours I had put a stone on in water.

Once I was on the mend the water retention went though x
i'd like it to be hun , i really would, but think it is down to the comfort eating of kebab one night and chinese takeway another and then the mcdonalds we went to....lol.
I'm sure the takeaways haven't made that much difference, honest :D

You'd have to eat an excess of 17500 calories for gain 5lbs in fat - that would be some going in less than a fortnight! I'm confident on your behalf that while you may have gained a pound or two.. that the rest if water weight :D

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