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kick up the bum

Well, as you can see in my sig. I had my WI after 2 weeks off with camplybactor.
i've put 2lbs on, which i'm not too fussed about tbh, i was advised to eat bread/pasta/rice/potato until I was back to normal. which i happily did (with added chocolate, obviously).
I didn't eat huge amounts of food though, and had mainly salads. I couldn't physically eat all that much anyway.If I'd have kept up my water intake, i could have possibly STS. i couldn't physicially keep it in anyway, and when I felt a bit better, i just didn't because I find the water a chore.
I'm back on it now anyway (and really pleased to be!)
Heres to a good week!!!
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112lbs lost - 28 to go!
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that 2lb will drop off so no need to worry there! It's fantastic that you still made good food choices even with the advice of visiting carb city! Glad your feeling better and i know the water is a chore but sadly it must be done!! :)

Have a good week! x


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2lb in that time is great realy isn't it and I'm sure that'll drop off in no time. Good Luck.


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campylobactor is nasty - it very nearly killed my cat when she was little and my doctors were really concerned about me picking it up from her. I'd say under the circumstances and with the rebound you'd have had going straight back to carbs etc that you did really well and it'll come off again before you know it. Hope you are feeling better now xx


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I guess you will drop a few pounds as this would be like your first week again
how are you feeling?
I cant wait to get back into the swing of it properly. ive got to be pretty determind to get past the first few days, and im kinda struggling a bit. Its only day 2, which annoys the hell out of me. I knew i'd be like this, which is why I didnt want to come off it so much.
I really need to focus on losing as much weight as possible before reading! and i've already had a set back, so can't really afford another.
plus, me and oh have decided to start trying for baby # 2 at the end of the year, and I am not doing it unless I have a dramatic weight loss. So I need to get a grip and sort myself out.


112lbs lost - 28 to go!
S: 21st4lb C: 15st11lb G: 11st4lb BMI: 33.6 Loss: 5st7lb(25.84%)
with so many good things to keep you motivated i'm sure you'll regain your focus quickly hun. All the best and just think of the reasons your doing this! It may be tough but it's so worth it and you know that. I'm sure you'll do fantastic again once you get over this little bump! x


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Well done for not putting loads back on but under the circumstances you did well not to.....you have many things to motivate you now so im sure you will be back into the swing of things in no time....good luck x

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