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Kicking the caffeine habit - Thoughts?

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I've just started a healthly eating regime, after having spent some time doing SlimFast and a little more time calorie counting. I've haven't been that sucessful so far (cough..carrot cake..cough), however one of things I have managed this week is not drinking any caffeine. Now this has meant I've been a bit of a nightmare (headaches, fatigue, being a grumpy cow etc), but one of the positve things I have found is that I am lot less hungry than before, which is a bit ironic as I used coffee as a way of supressing my appetite.

Has anyone else had experience of this? and also to what extent does everyone use caffeine as a diet aid, as i said I relied on it a lot, but now I'm not so sure

Cath xx
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I don't usually rely on caffeine like that but I do notice my body definitely switching to a different energy source when I stop drinking it. Sleep and concentration usually get easier and nicer to handle as well when I don't overload on caffeine. :)
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I've noticed that black coffee increases my appetite, while milk coffee suppresses it. Probably because milk has fat in it.

Caffeien is meant to increase your metabolism though, so perhaps that's why you're getting less hungry now?
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I kicked it completely for 3 months last year and it made absolutely no difference... and yes I did also avoid chocolate, cocoa, etc and I never drink cola, so I wasn't getting any. :rolleyes:

Bit disappointing because I have insomnia and thought it would help... but not one single thing changed! :eek:

So I went back to it, rather gratefully, because I like that little lift in the mornings and I LOVE the taste of coffee. :eek:

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