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Kidney Pain... HELP?!

Hi Guys
I have been experiencing a lot of pain and aching in my right side back where my kidney is- does anyone have any kind of idea what it could be? Im freaking out!
Ive got an appointment at 11.30 at the doctors but has anyone else experienced this before??

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It its below your waist & your are not well (temp or feeling yuck) its prob a kidney infection. they will give you antibiotics & you have to drink LOTS (about 2 litres plus every day).
or it could just been a water infection in which case get some sugar free cranberry juice or sugar free lemon barley and again drink loads

Either way, your body is trying to tell you something - DRINK!!!!
Glad you got Dr app - hope you feel better soon hun x
Thank you for your reply. I have just got back to work from the doctors and he said it sounds like a UTI and im on a 5day course of anti-biotics, if its not better by the end of the tablets i have to go back and have some tests done. LOTS of water for me then!!! lol
Drink lots & lots and make sure you keep your back warm so doesn't develop into kidney infection.
Get well soon though :7834:
I feel your pain. I'm on antibiotics this week for a UTI infection. I've been drinking about 4 litres of fluids a day and taking ibuprofen and it's been helping lots- started feeling better after 2 days.

Hope you feel better soon.


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Agreed with all above kidney infection, I suffer with so many and now refuse anti biotics( need them if I ever get anything serious) as soon as my kidneys twinge, i flush them tons of water, lots of cranberry juice and they go as qiuickly without the anti biotics. Dr advised this when i ended in hospital. Good luck
Thank you for all your replies. I hope drinking all this water will help this uti and lose weight too lol. Am going to pop to shop before work and pick up 2ltrs water and a carton of no sugar cranberry juice. I'm prepared for having to wee every hour! Haha. X
Just thought id check in and see how your feeling. Has the pain gone now. x
Aww bless you Hun thank you. Still feel the same unfortunately which makes me' think it's not a uti so back to doctors in week after I've finished the antibiotics tomorrow. Drinking so much too which is good as I'm running up the stairs frequently lol body magic! :)
If Antibiotics working then you should have felt better within a couple of days. Def go back to doctors. In meantime enjoy you body magic lol :bliss:

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