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Kids computer/console time?

Just want to be nosey really! I've got 11 and 12 year old boys who would spend all day and night on the computer and xbox if I let them! I admit I do let them go on it too much as it does sometimes give us some peace and quiet etc
I was just wondering how much other people let their kids go on the comps and how you manage to monitor the time they are on it and limit it if you do?

Also how late do kids go on them? According to my boys of course their friends are allowed them in their rooms and can go on them as much as they like etc
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My 14 year old daughter never really leaves her laptop alone!! As long as homework is done, I don't really mind to be honest. She goes in fits and starts as to what she does, you tube is a favourite, as is Skype, she also edits pictures a lot.

I've not really set a limit on time as she sometimes draws or reads or even sews, it's up to her. I'm a bit of a softy and wouldn't tell her to get off it just because.

She goes to bed at 9 so it's off early enough anyway.


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My sisters are 17 and 12 and are never off their ipad/laptops. My mum doesn't set any boundary with it apart from the youngest one has to be in bed by 10 and at that point it's bye bye ipad. The 17 year old is obviously old enough to decide for herself when she's tired and has had enough.

I do find it quite strange though the amount of time they spend on their computers. I grew up with every game console I could ask for (God bless those first 7 years of being an only child haha) but ALWAYS would have chosen to go outside first and hang out with friends, then if it rained or it was time to come in would I choose to play on it. Everything is so different now.


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My son has to turn off the Xbox an hour before bedtime to allow to wind down, that's the only stipulation. Like it or not computers will be part if our lives for many years to come and I think to avoid them is like King Canute trying to hold back the tide.
However any form if electronic stimulation TV/radio/music player/computer/phone will seriously impact ability to sleep if not given enough time to wind down from it x


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My son is 4 and I'm already having problems with computer games. He has a mobigo which is designed for his age, but he also plays games on my tablet. Which at the moment is what is causing the problems. He gets really mad when he can't do them and when we tell him he needs to come off it to do something else. So today he's banned from playing it and I've told him he can play it again when I decide he can, but I think before I let him on it again I'm going to have to impose some rules about a time limit he has to play it.
Never thought I'd be having these issues so early on. I do worry he's too old for his age sometimes, its good sometimes, like his first day of school when everyone else was running around looking at all the toys he found his full name and insisted on copying it down onto a piece of paper, writing both his surnames down, but then at others like this its a worry :/
My son is 8 and my daughter is 5, my son would spend all day and night on his PSP or PC if we let him but to be fair to him when he is on the PC he goes on a home work site which his teacher can check and he likes to research football teams and players, he goes on the PC most nights.. behaviour dependent... and probably uses it from 5:30pm-6:45pm and he is in bed by 7:30pm. My daughter uses the ipad but doesnt use it every day as she is tired from school and after school club but she spends alot of time at the weekend on it playing games (she managed to get past the password for the apps on sunday and spent £13.99 on coins for a game... OH wasnt impressed... i giggled quietly!)
They use the PC and Ipad in the same room so we always know what they are doing x

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