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kids - is there something in the air?


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Now my children are not angels on best of days but last couple of weeks oh my days i feel like sitting in corner and crying!

school walks i get one being mardy and stroppy the other refusing to walk and as a death wish everytime i say don't walk near road he purposely walks on edge of pavement.

Then at home they hate eachother fighting arguing just laying into eachother.

i've done naughty step, taking things off them, playing every second of day with them - nothing works. My son going through punching stage and he puts his fists up everytime i say no!

They are angels and great when partner is he but with work commitments he goes out before they wake and there in bed before he's home and he thinks im over reacting at 'his angels' as 'they'd never be like that'
sorry needed to rant :(:break_diet:
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Yep mine are like it too, and so are the kids at the school where i work. I think its a combination of the heat getting to them and being knackered as the end of the school year approaches !!

fear not the little angels will reappear LOL
sorry I can't help or advise ( mine are much older and I've purposely forgotten those ages ;) ) but didn't wanna read and run! the only thing I'd say is they won't ALWAYS be like it, keep ur chin up and you will be fine!


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Hoping it's the heat even i feel rubbish at end of day (school is just over half mile away 6 times a day) and my youngest walks 4 of them :( so i do feel guilty


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My 2 youngest are 18 months apart (one is almost 3 and the other is a little over 4.5), so I know exactly what you are talking about. They really know how to push our buttons, but I don't give in and keep stressing things to them over and over. So if for example, one would try to walk next to the road no matter how many times I would say no, then I would just grab him and make him hold on to me or the pushchair until he learns to walk properly on his own (even if that means him crying all the way to school). Not sure if this is the right way to discipline, but it's worked for me so far.
About fighting for things...I think it's to be expected and it's just a matter of stressing the importance of sharing and letting them know how the other feels when they are fighting with each other. It's a difficult period, but I'm sure we'll miss them when they are off to school!


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This isn't very helpful I know, but this these are the very reasons I only had one child!!

The do say not to get annoyed or let them see you are annoyed. Don't rise to it. It's all for attention, one way or another.

Find the thing they really like and remove it. It will work. Be it TV, nintendo, a certain toy - make them earn it back.
Or star charts (you don't say how old they are) - if you walk nicely to school and back you get a star, a week of stars and you get a treat.

Children do want to please, it's in their nature. Give it a try.


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I'm an only child so my mum as no clue what to say either!
They have just turned 3 and 4.

thankyou for advice i will be trying everything!
I had a friend in a similar situation. She came up with an ingenious plan. She made a video of the children when they were really playing up (not sure if she had a camcorder, or if she did it on her mobile 'phone).

She played it back to the whole family - not sure who was more shocked, the children or her husband. It didn't improve the behaviour totally, but it certainly helped, and it made her husband realise what she had to put up with!


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I think my partner would just blame me to be honest even if he seen the behaviour! last time I told him he told me go to parenting classes so I could be a better mum to them lol!
Mine are 9 and 6 and exactly the same! I hate the walk to and from school. My eldest day dreams, so makes me look like a screaming washer woman when I'm shouting at him to get out of the road/walk faster as a car is coming etc etc. Then I have my youngest who sees nothing wrong with running everywhere, which scares the life out of me when he goes round the corner and out of sight! Then by the time they get home, they are staarrrvvvviiiinnn' and want to eat everything, but then won't eat dinner! Aarrrrggghhh!!!!

Yet some days, they are just perfect! :)
Well my youngets has just given us the bedtime from hell-had to get my hubby to take over before i lost it.

Am off to find some reruns of 'supernanny' to remind myself that mine arent so bad !!! LOL


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good idea, might try find supernanny programmes, I feel so bad though as im spending more time telling them what not to do thanwe do playing and laughing I feel so bad.
Lol i've just remembered why my hubby is going for the snip thanks for reminding me. i'd rather have a puppy now much easier to train than my two boys ever were :)


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After Shelbie was born Ben had few problems and basically can't have anymore children and at first we was gutted but now i feel blissed! I'd NEVER ever want any more I love my children so much and wouldnt change them for world but my gosh there hard work LOL.
Try giving a positive instruction rather than telling them not to do something for example say "walk on the path " instead of "dont walk on the grass" Apparently saying dont gives them a boundary to test to see if you mean it or not.

It does work but its not always easy to think fast on the spot !!
yeap think its the heat. I have 2 a 22 month old who isn't a angel at best of times but hes a nightmare at the mo and a 8 year old who is usually so lovely and always well behaved and never plays up but last couple of weeks she has been so moody. thought it was cause she started a new school but she loves that.
I have heard alot of people saying they r struggling with the children at the mo and must say I'm abit moody at the mo cause of the heat.
maybe we all need to organise water fights for our kids cools them down and releases tension.
On a serious note maybe try offering them space to cool down doing something quiet and apart if they start playing up and ignore things that don't harm others just in the hot weather cause we all get abit irratable in it.
I have some mist spray from bargin shop only a pound and its great for cooling you down.
Yes, I'm not planning on having any more either. In fact, I alwaes say that if I had my youngest son first, I'd have NEVER had another! Ha ha! Don't get me wrong, I would never do without either of mine, but I think with me and Jay having the same starsign and personality, we clash! It does my head in, arguing with a 6 year old, and must make me look so stupid!! Yet other times, he is my little best friend and makes me giggle sooooo much!

Btw, all you non-mums/mums-to-be in the future, don't let this thread put you off, they are the best thing in the world!! :)

And I love your piccie of you and your kids, Gemma! :D
Mine are 7 and 9 and it gets no easier I'm afraid!! They change schools at 9 here so oldest walks on her own, so don't get the school run but, but do get constant fighting, real fighting, about nothing. And their dad, separated, who says theya re OK with him so muxt be my fault!!(he left the home and they are just terrified if they upset him they won't see him at all). Oldest gets glowing reports from school. She spends all day being good and trying to please everyone, and comes home like an errupting volcano. Me and little one get it in the neck. Add that to her hormones, which are definitely raging, and it is a disaster. She can be vile! But only with me and her sister!! Everyoone tells me what a credit she is whilst she's screaming at me , telling me I'm fat and the worst Mum in the world/. She even spent an hour in a temper the other night telling me to put her in care, cos it can't be any worse than living with me. Lovely. She's 10 in a couple of weeks, if she gets that far!!

Little one is 8 in a couple of weeks and is fine most of the time, but gets upset with ehr sister, and retaliates. It will get easier in the hols I hope. Theya re so so tired.


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lol not helping only joking .... least i know to enjoy now as it gets worse haha...

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