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Kikuka's diary - moving to WW from CD


Tequila makes miaow happy
Hi all. Thought I would start a diary so I have somewhere to rample as my poor husband is fed up of listening to me! I have been on CD for more than 12 months hand have lost 7st with a few stop-starts on the way. The last month or two have been a real struggle, and CD was really not working for me anymore. I decided that in the run up to Xmas and all that involves, i was ready to get out there and have some fun, and wear my new clothes, and introduce healthy eating back into my life. I started WW last Thursday on the core plan and did great until yesterday, when the 'return to food demons' got me.I suppose it was inevitable after such a long time on CD that I would suddenly realise I was 'allowed' to eat again, and decide to eat a bit of what I had been missing. Trouble is, it all happened in one day. I have drawn a line under it and strated again today back on core, with lovely healthy meals to eat that I realy am enjoying. I should be feeling so positive - I can eat well, exercise more, and enjoy life again, and still (theoretically) lose weight. But I think the combination of the inevitable initial weight gain from changing diet and re-introducing carbs and yesterdays struggle has left my willpower bruised and my self confidence beaten. I now feel as lumpy as if I was 18 stone again.
Okay, moan over, sorry everyone. I need to keep telling myself that I will lose my last stone the healthy eating way, i will not regain it all. I feel cast out without the nice cd security blanket I had. But I love the core foods, and have loads of ideas for meals. The whole thing reveals to me that there is more to losing weight than dissolving fat - the hard bit is inside your head....I need my head to see what everyone else sees, and to believe that i am in control, and will see this through to the end, and a BMI of 25. I will keep posting!
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hi hun, i was on cd been on ww just over 2weeks now.xx

good luck hunni.xx
ooh another diary! :D Core is great especially if you're a good cook - i like that it encourages you to eat more healthy foods.. i think once i get down to my ideal weight i will try Core for maintaining - i think its important to teach yourself to make wise healthy choices for meals instead of trying to cram ridiculously small amounts of unhealthy items into your daily points!

dont worry about your gain - you know that its just the change of diet.. but i know how you tend to think about it a lot until it becomes something you obsess over and it becomes negative.. but just remember all the clothes you are still wearing, and how much you are enjoying being able to eat properly with your family and it makes it all worth it :) the weight WILL come off.. you've come this far so not too much left!

good luck with your Core plan - i cant wait to see how you do :) xxx
Welcome to WW and a HUGE well done on the 7 stones x


Tequila makes miaow happy
Thanks everyone for your support, well here I am and to be honest, I havent been doing so well. I spent a couple of days doing core, and cooking great meals such as quorn bolognaise and pasta bake, but found the transition from no food to real food really hard, it was as if all the things I had denies myself over the last 12 months had to be eaten NOW. Of course, I didnt eat all of them, but it was so so hard. I was off plan at the weekend as we went to Hard Rock Hell in Wales, and though I ate some chips and a few other naughty nibbles, it was nowhere near as bad as I expected diet wise - I had expected to drink a fair bit but we only had 2 small bottles of beer each all weekend! You had to stand up to watch bands for 14 hours per day and I was scared that if I had a drink i would fall asleep and miss them, so diet red bull it was! (yuck, disgusting stuff but it works)
Oh well, I am back now. I am doing core, but keeping an eye on my points as I think I may have a tendency to go a bit mad with the 'free' foods. Today I have

Porridge (oats so simple)
half pint skimmed milk
Small fruit salad
Mixed bean soup with chilli (small bowl)
half packet quorn mince
150g cooked egg noodles

Which sounds pretty healthy! Going to try and do this from now on. I still feel ww is the best way to go for the last bit of weight - it is a realy flexible plan. Perhaps Christmas is the wrong time to try it, but never mind. I have written up a calendar to put on the fridge with a big WW on the days I am clear to do my own diet thing and a big CAUTION on the days I have meals out, parties etc, I expect that I will be less than 100% on these days, but that is fine as long as it doesnt lead to the old 'well, I will be drinking later, so a few chocolates wont hurt' or 'I was bad last night so I may as well carry on' mentality.
So bad news - eating again is harder than I expected, and the hardest part of losing the 7st is afterwards. I have gained quite a few pounds in scale weight due to the change in diet. However on the good side, my 'diet pants' (ones I wanted to slim into, and did) still fit really well, as do my skinny persons' jeans (as I call them) so whatever weight I have gained is weight rather than width, if you see what I mean. I am enjoying putting together healthy meals. I just need to keep confident that it will work. I am away again at he weekend for a Christmas fesival in Yorkshire but the food choices should be ok and beer will not be a problem as I am going with my parents!
Thans for reading and keep me on track!
dot worry too much Kikuka :) everyone finds it hard in the run upto xmas, and with you coming back onto eating normally it will be even more so!

if you have a lot of days out, maybe aiming to maintain until xmas would be more suitable until you are finding it easier and then starting after xmas on trying to lose your last little bit of weight :)

your Core day sounds lovely :) i would love a Core week but I have so many odd shifts at work my mealtimes are all over the place so points it is for now! :)

good luck for this coming week anyway and enjoy your nights / trips out xx


Tequila makes miaow happy
Looking forward to my quorn, I just hope it is enough to keep me going all night! I still cant quite believe I can lose weight by eating this food, I suppose that is the downside to a diet like Cambridge, although I think it is a fab diet overall and was so good for me- I almost miss it!


Tequila makes miaow happy
A better day yesterday, all core foods and on 17 points exactly. Just hoping I ca keep it up! I am starving this morning and just need to get to lunchtime when the sandwich man comes with my banana! Still dreaming bout waking up having put back on all the weight i lost, I am sure it will wear off!
Hi Kikuka - its good to see that you are determined to lose your last stone and seem to be doing all the right things from what I can see.

I also moved from a vlcd (only 10 wks though) to WW and have found it pretty good to teach me portion control etc.

It is weird though - as the food replacement diet thing takes all the thought away and abstinence, for me, is so much easier than control.

Keep going. Not long to go now

Rosie x
keep up the good work kikuka - you can do it :) youve done so well, but really you cant avoid food forever so WW will help you learn what food you actually need and how to control what you dont :)

good luck for the rest of the week! xxx

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