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Oh my god has anyone been watching this programme, its the 3rd one tonight & its pig, :eek:

I have to say I am not a big meat eater, I only eat chicken & fish, if I am over my b/fs for sunday dinner, I maybe have 1 slice of beef or 1 slice of pork but no more as I am not that fussed.
It didnt bother Keith but its really affected me, I think I could be a veggie in the future.
If they do televise the chicken slaughter it will prob put me off eating that too. :(

It really freaked me out watching how the animals get slaughtered.
Its really sad, its as if they know whats coming next...
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That's why I'm a vegetarian. I can't live with that on my conscience. Animals suffer in the slaughterhouse and it is a wicked, terrible crime commited by humans. :cry: I've been a vegetarian for 15 years now and it's one of the best decisions I ever made. I receive a lot of literature and magazines through the post with photos of slaughterhouses and it upsets me so desperately. I didn't watch this programme although I knew it was on. I've seen similar ones and I can't bear to put myself through that again.


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I'm a veggie too (almost borderline vegan - what with bird flu, must affect eggs too - and eggs are in pratically everything!).

I saw the programme too and it just confirmed that I've made the right decision to be a veggie - how those ppl ate it after witnessing the kill was beyond me. Hubby is a meat eater and even he was sickened by it.
Unfortunately, it's all become "the norm" and ppl are so de-sensitized by life atrocities that unfortunately it will continue for generations to come.
Ppl are in uproar when a human is killed- whats the difference when a defenseless animal is killed???

Much love, chelle xx
i'm a meat eater. i didn't by any means enjoy watching it and it was mostly from behind my hands, but i was actually reassured by how wuick and humane it was with the pigs and sheep. the chicken really disturbed me though, because of the way they seemed distressed. it would actually make me consider not eating chicken. i am really strict about ony having free range eggs and always try to eat free range chicken as well. i have ben veggie before. i don't think i will be again but i will certainly consider only eating free range meat, possibly organic too, in the future.


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From what I have heard I think the programme sent out a positive message - either making people re-examine what they eat or becoming vegetarian. I know a lot of men who watched it and were sickened. My friend lives with a farmer and she taped it for him to watch! Unfortunately it isn't just the time at the slaughterhouse as to whether it is kind/cruel, many animals live their entire lives never seeing the outside world - never breathing fresh air, never touching grass, and many never even touch even other. Pigs in sow grates never even touch their own piglets who have to feed through bars. These poor sows can't even turn around but are tethered in a crate the size of their bodies. For a vast majority of farmed animals their fate is from the moment they are born, separated from their mothers, and forced to live in torment, pain and suffering in our barbaric, outdated and frankly disgraceful intensive farming systems. They endure pain on a daily basis, many animals even go mad and can be seen rocking back and forth. The idyll of seeing pigs, sheep and cows out in England's sunny green fields is NOT portraying an accurate image of MOST of the animals in this country shut away. It isn't just the few seconds of pain in the slaughterhouse and I am sorry if that is the impression the programme gave.


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bf watched the one with the cow well it turned my stomach !!
I am a meat eater and am utterly gutted (no pun intended) to have not seen the programme, unfortunately I was away.

I for one am over the moon they show this. It reminds people that meat comes from somewhere. The plastic wrapping you see in the supermarkets don't tell the whole story.

I can't say watching the programme will put me off eating meat, in fact it may serve to make the experience more pleasurable.. It is all part of the reality of life.

Everything we consume was once living be it meat or vegetables.

Additionally, I find it hard to juxtapose the suffereing of humans with that of animals bred to be slaughtered.


C-C x


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I think all god's creatures are equal and I am only grateful that I was born human and not a farm animal. In fact sometimes I am ashamed to be human when I see the terrible pain and cruelty we inflict on innocent, defenceless creatures. :(


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I think all god's creatures are equal and I am only grateful that I was born human and not a farm animal. In fact sometimes I am ashamed to be human when I see the terrible pain and cruelty we inflict on innocent, defenceless creatures. :(
couldn't have said it better hun, totally agree!

Much love, chelle xx


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I keep missing the program.

I've personally been killing chickens and turkeys back home since my 10th birthday (it was my coming of age 'resposibility' for the party). Turkeys put up a good fight, i tell you. I have watched cows and goats been slaughtered coz the biology teacher wanted to show us the different parts. we eat chickens, goats and cows and get eaten by lions, snakes, crocodiles and even mosquitoes. I always thought that was a fair deal.

What i don't like is people who kill animals for the fur and don't think to cook the meat and send it to my hungry folks back home. utter selfishness. And the vegetarians with the superiority complex at butlins who got upset that I ate alot the delicious veggie sausages because I wanted to.

But now I just tell people that meat and chicken are born frozen, grow up frozen and when they're old enough, they go to the supermarkets to get sold. easier to sound ignorant.
Although i didn't watch the programme i did work on it.
I'm a Project Manager for a company that provide all kinds of services to the film and television industy and we provided the medical cover for the entire series (in case someone cut themselves, got ill, injured etc).
I had to visit the set many a time to make sure they were happy with our services and although i didn't see any of the actual killing i did hear some horror stories and from them it has certainly put me off eating meat.
I'm no stranger to what goes on behind closed doors, i've worked on farms, at animal auctions and along side butchers. I stopped eating red meat along time ago and turned to only chicken and fish but since the show i don't think i've allowed even chicken to touch my lips - not even chicken soup!

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