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Kimi31s 2nd time round....

Monday 21st Feb

B- 2 x weetabix (HEB) sweetner and milk from 175ml skimmed ( 1/2 HEA)

snack- 2 x fibre plus bars( HEB and 6 syns)
Activia fat free snack pot
1/2 banana

L- Mushroom/red onion and 21g reduced fat cheese ( 1/2 HEA) omelette
honeydew melon

snack- velvet crunch ( 4 syns)

D- baked potato and baked beans

2 x boiled eggs
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Tuesday Feb 22nd

B- 2 x weetabix HEB and milk from HEA ( 350 skimmed)
Boiled egg

snack- banana/fibre plus bar ( HEB)

L- Pasta in sauce no butter and milk from allowance

s- fibre plus bar ( 6 syns)

D- SW chips,and mushy peas
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Wednesday 23rd Feb

b- 2 x weetabix(heb) with milk from HEA ( 350ml skimmed)

snack- grapes/activia snack pot

L- 2x wholemeal (HEB), tuna 1/2 tbsp LTL mayo ( .5 syns) tomoato cucumber and lettuce
SF jelly pot ( .5 syns)

snack- banana

D- adobo port and broccolli

snack- fibre plus bar ( 6 syns)
thursday 24th Feb

B- 2 x weetabix ( HEB) and milk from HEA

snack- banana/grapes/ sf jelly ( 0.5 syns)

L- 2 x wholemeal (heb) tuna LTL mayo 1 tbsp ( .5 syns) toms, cucumber and lettuce
velvet crunch ( 4 syns)

snack - grapes

D- chicken and bacon salad

dairy milk little ones ( 5 syns)
Friday 25th Feb

B- 2 x weetabix HEB with milk from HEA

Snack- fibre plus bar ( HEB)
muller light yoghurt

L- savoury rice
SF Jelly ( .5 syns)

snack- none

D- baked potatoe and beans
So i havent fallen off the wagon, i have been poorly :-( I have had a virus and with various other problems i am off for a blood test next week. Have felt sick a lot and have bad pains in my stomach....Fingers crossed the blood test comes up with something...

Anyway i have been more or less on plan, not really been hungry for a while so just snacking on SW goodies really so no real weight loss
Back on today 100%

Thursday 10th March

B- 2 x weetabix ( heb) and skimmed milk from 175ml (1/2 HEA)

snack- 2 x alpen lights ( heb)

L- savoury rice

D- pasta and passatta with 21g HF cheese ( 1/2 HEA)

treat later will be a mini muffin my daughter made in school, not very big so allowing about 5 syns and tbh i dont think i can eat anything more. :-(

packet walkes french fries ( 6 syns???)
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Friday11th March

B- 2 x weetabix ( HEB)
milk from 175ml skimmed ( 1/2 HEA)

snack- muller light/ banana

L- pasta/passata and cheese ( 21g rf cheese 1/2HEA)

snack- banana/ velevet crunch ( 4syns)

D-SW chips/mushy peas and egg

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