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Kind of O/T - piggies into pork


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We hate the meat industry as it is at the moment, with a vengeance. And while we like to eat meat, we don't often eat it as it's so expensive to buy free range. So we're raising two pigs for meat ourselves :)

It's actually worked out bloomin expensive when you take into account the cost of the food and the transport, plus the abbatoir costs! :eek:

BUT... we're getting the equivalent of tesco's 'finest' range for less than half the cost. Plus we know exactly how they've been treated, and that they've enjoyed their lives while they've been with us :)

Anyway.... today we did the dreaded deed.... we booked them into the abbatoir for 11th august (might be the 12th depending on al's work but most probably 11th).

I'm dreading the actual day itsself, as i know i'm going to be bawling my eyes out :cry: - even though i've always known where they're destined, it hasn't stopped me from treating them like overgrown pet dogs (big mistake lol) :eek:

But i'm actually looking forward to knowing EXACTLY where my food has come from and how it's been treated - i'm even tempted to label the freezer bags with 'g' or 'm' for garry and minty :eek: lol

They're 5 months old at the moment (we've had them since they were a teeeeeny tiny 8 weeks old, and they're now huge fat monsters :D lol), and we're sending them away at 6.5 months.

If anyone wants to see garry and minty in action i've got 3 videos of them on my youtube channel (see sig) playing with the hose :D

My mum's refused to have anything to do with them :rolleyes: as she said it's too upsetting to know where they're going to end up... yet mum and dad still buy cheap bacon/sausages :rolleyes: go figure :confused: LOL

Anyway.... red days here i come :eek: :D
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ohhhhh I couldn't do that!!!!!!
I understand exactly what you are saying but I just couldn't eat my own (if I had any!!)
My brother keeps chickens and I know he has made a couple of pies out of them but I wouldn't eat them.
Even when I have stayed there and collected the warm eggs, I have a problem eating them...stupid, I know.
I was a veggie for 16 years and have only started eating meat again in the last few years, so I'm still very aware of what I eat and still have pangs of guilt!!
wow how good is that raising your own meat if i had the space i would do it definately, still trying to get oh to commit to chickens lol


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I'm so proud of you Beki, I really am and like I said the other day, so jealous too!!

One day I will be able to do what you are doing and it will also hurt me so much but I think it's the thing to do if you have the means to do so.

You will be happy knowing they had a great life and you did your best for them and will enjoy that bacon all the more for it.

Jay xx
I think thats great! why not 'grow your own' as you say you know everything about them

and then I watched your video:eek: how cute

it will be fine, try think past! I love eatin ym home grown veggies and swear cos of all the love and attention I have given them they taste better haha
Oh no your very brave. I don't think I would be able to eat them. Good for you though if you can do it, at least you know what you are eating and what they have eaten too. Bet they would laste nice with quark ;)


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Beki how could you eat them,it will be like eating your own kids,sorry but as a vegetarian for over 20 years I cant think of anything more disgusting


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Beki how could you eat them,it will be like eating your own kids,sorry but as a vegetarian for over 20 years I cant think of anything more disgusting

Oh, that's a bit harsh! It's not disgusting, it's the most humane and right way to raise animals!!


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I thought i might get a few of those - not bothered.. i have to live with myself, not anyone else ;) :D

Thanks though Jaylou and everyone else who approves :D xx


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Oh, that's a bit harsh! It's not disgusting, it's the most humane and right way to raise animals!!
I agree, that is harsh.

I admire what it is that you want to do Beki, but I don't think I'd be able to enjoy eating the meat afterwards. I think it would stick in my throat :(


Vegetarian who lives2eat
Yes i agree the way you say you have raised them is better than most animals would get, but just cant see how you can eat them after you have lovingly cared for them and given them pet names an all,


is getting better at it
the way to not get attached to them is not to name them, my ohs brother has brought a field and has a small holding and is doing the same thing, cows, sheep, pigs and chickens.

Hats off to you at least you are keeping happy animals and not penned and caged all the time, just wish i had a place big enough as i would do the same


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i think what your doing is great beki very commendable but i would find it difficult with pigs i will manage to eat one of the chickens nut i don't name them but pigs i don't know , but even the way i feel is hypocritcal because i eat bacon lol oh dear we cant win can we i might just turn veggie again it was easier haha


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This is a super thread Beki, it's quite amazing how many people would do what you are doing if they could. I'd love to be Hugh Fernley Whittingstall (sp??) and have my very own River Cottage!!!


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I'd LOVE to have more land than we do at the moment... river cottage is my dream :D

I'd do it all on a bigger scale if we had more land, then set up a pork rearing business. There's not much, if any, profit to be made with pigs at the moment due to food costs.... but from my (very limited at the moment!) experience it's something i enjoy, so would be a very rewarding hobby/small business :)

If i'm honest i thought i would get slated more on this thread than i have, so it's nice to see that so many people condone what we're doing, and some would even do it themselves if the chance came :)

Let me get this straight though... i would NOT, under ANY circumstances eat my children!!!

unless they were VERY unruly ;) :rotflmao:


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by the way... anyone who's rep'd me, please let me know who you are so i can rep you back! :D i hate the way the reputation thingy doesn't tell you who's repped you! :eek:


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he he im sure they would be very tasty indeed ;)

oooh i don't know... i imagine they'd be quite tough and possibly rotten too :hmm: LOL

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