Kinda newbie


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Hello Gaelic Faery

Welcome to CD forum, you have had some great losses so far in 3 weeks - have you decided yet how much you would like to lose?

Best wishes - you are sure to like all the choices with CD!

Gaelic Faery

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Thanks a million Blingbabe! I'm happy with the losses, just not the seriously restricting shakes to get to them haha :D

I'm hoping to lose 3 1/2 stone...I'd like to be around 9 1/2. Any smaller and I'll look like a skeleton!


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Hi Look forward to seeing you around next week :p x


please try again
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welcome to cambridge
good luck, you'll be fine


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Hi and welcome over to the "other" side, lol. You will enjoy the choice of shake flavours, bars, soups and porridge. Well done on your weight loss so far x


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Welcome Gaelic

Hope london is threating you well :) I wonder if there is many irish people on here?

Having doine lipotrim myself and now Cambridge, you picked the right team hehe, so much better :)


Gaelic Faery

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Thanks for the kind welcome ladies!!

Amberstone ya there's a good few Irish around here, def on LipoTrim anyway. My CDC is an Irish woman, totally random! I just rang a number in London and ta da Irish lady :)

I really do think I've made the right choice to switch!

I can do it

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Welcome Gaelic Fairy

Just wanted to say hello, on week 1 myself and doing alright, this forum has helped me massivley so keep posting

Take Care

H xXx


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another irish girl here , and a newbie too lol . i'm on day 6 today - so far so good - love the porridge :)

Gaelic Faery

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Hiya H and Ber,

Ya this forum is fantastic! I've been posting on the LT thread but now that I'll be switching you'll be seeing ore of me around here :D Best of luck with the weight loss!


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Hellloooo LT buddy!!:D

How weird that we both switched on the same week, really pleased we did though. I have got another week of LT shakes today but having the 3 and a 200cal meal. So kinda doing CD but with LT shakes. I am having a night out this w'end so it's kind of a goodbye to LT and helloooo to CD celebration!
I did like LT shakes but i have really missed my food this time and the lack of choice with the 1 vile soup and no bars at all, i couldn't do it any longer.

Anyway good to see you here, roll on next week!:)