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Kira's Weight Loss Diary :)


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Hi everyone,
I have never done a weight loss diary before, but I thought now would be the best time to start!! (I actually started SF on Monday, but have not had to choice to post yet!!)

Just a bit of background, I have about 21lbs to lose in time for my best friends wedding at the start of September (I am her maid of honour), and with both her and her sister being size 8, I dont want to feel out of place! Please dont think I am just doing this for the wedding though, this weight loss programme has been a long time coming, I have just been putting it off, I love my food too much!! I am fully aware that the next 3 months are going to be very tough, but feel free to comment/offer advice!!

Wish me Luck!! :)
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Day 1

So today is the first day and most important day of my weight loss. Here is what I had:

Breakfast - strawberry shake (yum)
Snack - pear
Lunch chocolate shake (double yum)
Snack - banana
Dinner - 2 grilled chicken breast with half a plate of salad and 80 calories worth of cottage cheese

Gym - 30 mins on the cross-trainer
- 15 minutes on the treadmill
(walking on an incline)

Really proud of myself today, my first day was a 100% day!!! :D YIPPEEE!!!
Really didnt feel like the gym, if im honest I felt rather lethargic and had a bit of a headache (although I have been told by a friend that this is normal for the first week or so :confused:) but I made myself go to the gym!! And once I was there I really enjoyed it!!

I did get a really stong craving for something sweet at about 10pm, but I was so tired from a busy day at work and the gym, that I fell asleep!!

I have started as I mean to go on, so lets hope I can keep it up!!!


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Day 2

Ugh - not feeling great this morning, could barely peel my eyes apart to find the way to the bathroom!! I resisted the temptation to get on the scales; I am only going to weigh-in every Monday morning. I am very easily disheartened, so if I didnt see any weight loss before weigh-in day, I would likely order a takeaway to comiserate!! :sigh:

Here is what I have had today:

Breakfast - Stawberry shake
Snack - pear and banana
Lunch - chocolate shake
Snack - 2 pears
Snack - SF Chewy chocolate bar
Dinner - Morrisons own "Eat Smart"
chicken in pepercorn sauce with
Drinks - 4 cups of tea (3 sweetners in
each :confused:)

I forgot to mention yesterday that I dont like fizzy drinks or squash, so have only ever really drank water, but I will list any other drinks I have on here!!

So feel ok about today, although I didnt have my dinner until about 10pm, which is very late!! No gym today, but will hopefully go tomorrow!!

Cant wait for weigh-in on Monday!!!



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Well done so far, those are 2 really good days.
I haven't had the headaches but I've heard making sure you get enough water can help and make sure you have extra on the days your at the gym.


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Well done so far sounds like your really motivated and ready to go with it all, once u get into it, its pretty easy to keep going and its flexiable to fit in with your life


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faf, thanks for the encouragement!! its times like these where im still sat at my desk and hungry when these comments really help!! :)

tara, I have been quite good with my water, so I'm not sure if thats it. I think to be honest (although I know nothing about nutrition) my body is just getting used to having to take some energy from elsewhere....NAMELY MY FAT!!! I am going to buy myself a 500ml bottle tonight so I know exactly how much water im taking in.

kazzy, thanks, I am feeling very motivated at the moment! the prospect of wedding photos is a brilliant motivator! lol and I am finding it quite easy to fit in around my life, its the night time munchies im fighting mostly!!
Day 3

not a great day today, felt ill all day, and I know exactly why! I had a meeting at 9am at work, but there was an accident on the motorway so traffic was terrible and I didnt get there until 9.15. The meeting was until 10, so I decided to down my first shake before I went into the meeting. It made me feel really sick all day (I dont think the fact that I followed that with 2 pints of water helped...) once I had dinner I was fine though, I look forward to my evening meal sooooo much!! heres what I had on day 3:

Breakfast - strawberry shake
Snack - pear
Lunch - chocolate shake
Snack - bananna and pear :)()
Dinner - 2 grilled chicken breasts with
loads of salad an a bit of cottage
Snack - SF chocolate chewy bar

I drank loads of water today which was good, and had dinner at a reasonable time as well. I dint make it to the gym, its no excuse but it was the last thing I felt like doing when I was feeling sick!!

Tomorrow will be a better day (less sicky and more gym!!) :)
Day 4

Today was NOT a good day!! Im sooo angry with myself!!:mad: I did really well in the day, but at the last minute I decided to take Friday off as holiday, and I really wanted a takeaway!! I didnt have one, but I ate loads to make up for it!! here is what I had today:

Breakfast - strawberry shake
Snack - pear
Lunch - chocolate shake
Snack - Banana
Snack - 10 pieces of ham (13 calories
each) with a bit of ketchup
Snack - SF chewy bar :(
Dinner - Morrisons own "Eat Smart"
chicken in read wine sauce (330
cals) with salad
2nd Dinner - Branflakes with raisins and
skimmed milk (it may be
skimmed, but I had a whole

so the cereal and the chewy bar were extra!! I just couldnt help it, I let my mind rule my tummy, and to stop craving the chinese I had to stuff myself. not a good day, but have drawn a line under it and hopefully things will be better on day 5!! I have a friends birthday to go to tonight, but im driving, so should be able to stay off the booze!! will let you all know if I do tomorrow!!
thanks Sarah, your right, its only one day, and as long as I get back on track it isnt the end of the world. Have been to the gym already today to make up for it (on a days holiday which I have NEVER done!!), so feeling better about it already!! thanks for the support! x
Don't worry too much about it, tomorrow is another day! And you've already been to the gym to make up for it so you're doing fabulously :D
Your main meal was only 330 cals or so as well, I sometimes find that I feel better having something 300 calories or so for dinner, and then having strawberry porridge (I have a real craving for it recently!) which is 180 cals, as an extra snack but really part of my main meal's calorie allowance. Stops me from going crazy :D
Day 5

A much better day today, have definitely made up for my slip up yesterday!! I felt really guilty about my overeat, so went to the gym for an hour and a half!! feel much better after that, definitely back on track!! :eek:

Here is what I had today:

Breakfast - strawberry shake
Lunch - chocolate shake
1 big snack rather than 3 - bowl of bran
flakes with skimmed milk
Dinner - salad, carrot sticks, cucumber,
low fat quiche (food at the party)

so pleased I managed to stay away from the sausage rolls and cake!!! and I didnt have a drink either, just water! feeling back on track now.

I havent weighed myself yet, but getting dressed up for last night I definitely noticed my clothes were fitting differently, I felt really confident!! even if I have only lost 1lb, I wont be dishearted, and im feeling different already! I know it sounds like a weird thing to say, but i feel more "squishy" :confused:?? my fat doesnt seem as solid as it was, which can only be a good thing!!

really looking forward to the weigh in on monday now!! xxx:p
Day 6

Today was another good day. here is what I had:

Breakfast - strawberry shake
Lunch - chocolate shake
Dinner - Morrisons Eat Smart ham and
mushroom pasta with loads of
Snack - 5 ryvitas (eaten throughout the

Drinks - 2 cups of tea with 3 sweeteners
in each

even went to a bbq for the first England game! I made sure I ate before I went, and turned up just as the match was kicking off so I wasnt tempted!

Only one more day before my first weigh in!! really interested to see what the result will be :confused:
Good luck for your first weigh in im sure you will see a loss
Day 7

Another good day - im really suprising myself at the moment; it is the weekends I usually struggle with, but am finding it really easy to stick to eating what Im meant to. SF is brilliant!! Here is what I had today:

Breakfast - strawberry shake
snack - muller rice
Lunch - chocolate shake
snack - 3 ryvitas (1 over, but will only
have 1 later)
Dinner - 2 grilled chicken breats with
salad and cottage cheese
snack - 1 ryvita

Also went to the gym this morning and burned about 400 cals, so pleased with that!! cant wait for weigh in!!:p

Morning All,

so today is weigh in day; I was up at 6.30am as I couldnt sleep any longer, I really wanted to get on the scales!!

soooo......drum roll please.......I HAVE LOST 5 LBS!!! :p:p:p

Im sooooo pleased!! Ive worked really hard this week, so Im glad ive had a substantial loss. I feel like having a chocolate bar to celebrate!! haha (obvs I wont!!)

so roll on week 2!! im even more motivated now, so hopefully will see a few more lbs off at next weeks weigh in!!

Thanks for all of your support everyone, it really does make me stop reaching for the biscuit tin!! :)

thanks FAF!! I feel great!! i thought I may have lost some weight as my clothes fitted differently on Friday night!! OOh yeah good idea about the tickerall updated!!x

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