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KitKat Senses

Welcome to the forum hun.
Had a wee look and I cant find anything on sw website either so went onto kit kats website, got info and used syn calculator.

I got it very wrong so look at Taz's post below! Sorry
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Did you have to mention them? I am hooked on them they are so yummy.

Here you go:

Nestle Kit Kat Senses 31g bar

Original 8 Syns
Green 8 Syns
Jesus where did I get 2.5syns from then!!!
I looked it up on the syns calculator. Omg!
Pmsl um let just say step away from the kitkats heeeheee!

Hiya welcome to the forum, if you have anymore questions im sure we will find the answer, If you need to know stuff use the sites search engine because we all get stuck!

Good luck with your diet!

Ruthy xx
Yey! 8 syns, thats great! Had it with a cup of tea, tastes much more like a treat than a flake and that's 9syns! Lordy I wish they were 2.5syns!

Thanks for the warm welcome ladies. I am in a class in Salford and really enjoying this diet, have done them all in the past but this is by far the easiest! 8.5ibs off so far, 7.5 til I'm at club 10 then another 10ibs to my PAT.

Another quick one for you experts, is crushed rice/rice flakes free on a green? Been saying it is as it is only rice but not sure if same rule as stewed fruit or smoothies applies?


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