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Kitten Cold - What to do?


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Hello All!

Having a bit of an overprotective-kitten-mum moment!

We have two 10 year old indoor/outdoor cats that come and go as they please. We also have two seven and a half month old kitty's.

Recently big cat no. 1 (Ernie) came home with a cold - sneezing lots. He then seems to pass it on to Kitten no.1 (Roo) who sneezed a lot for a while but seems fine now.

Now Kitten no.2 (Jess) is sneezing lots, but seems to have a very, very runny nose along with a nasty gunky eye thats getting a little swollen! She's been a bit lathargic - sleeping under the bed where she's normally right near us. She was eating fine until this dinnertime when she liked and nibble a bit then walked off- but broke up a bit of roast chicken and she ate a bit of that and will look to give her a litte more later! Both kittens had their injections - but I'm not sure if this is something we need to take her (or both) to the vets for, or whether it is something that will sort itself out!

I thought the vaccinations prevents kitty flu?!?!

Can you tell I'm a little worried? :D
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Yep - she had them at about 9 - 10 weeks so isn't due another until June 2009.
Oh.. well i dont know.. i would reccomend ringing the vets and asking their opinion.. hope your wee kitty gets better soon..


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Thank you very much. Will ring in the morning anywho and see what they say. :D

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